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Diet, the First Step to Prevent Lung Cancer

  For prevention of lung cancer, besides getting rid of smoking, usually it also needs to pay more attention to the maintenance of lungs. Adding nutritious foods into daily diet can unconsciously nourish lungs and keep them healthy.

Prevent Lung Cancer

  Recipe one: pig lung with sweet almond soup

  Materials: sweet almond 20g, pig lung 1 piece

  Procedure: clean the pig lung by repeatedly water washing and then cut it into slice. Wash away the foam in the lung trachea by hand squeeze. After that, put the sweet almond (just sweet almond, not bitter almond), lung slices and water together into a boiled cooker. At last, put sauce after they are boiled.

  Functions: has certain effect to cough caused by heat, dry cough, dry feces, dry throat, etc.

  Recipe two: aged duck soup with root of straight ladybell and polygonatum

  Materials: root of straight ladybell 50g, polygonatum 50g, an aged duck (must use aged duck)

  Procedure: clear internal organs and clean the duck, then put it in a pot. Add some water, root of straight ladybell and polygonatum, boil them for more than one hour with slow fire, and at last add the sauce.

  Functions: treat pulmonary dryness, dry cough, etc. In addition, it has certain effect on constipation resulted from weakness after illness, deficiency of body fluid and intestinal dryness.

  Recipe three: stew lean meat with lotus seeds and lily

  Materials: lily 30g, lotus seeds 30g, pig lean meat 300g

  Procedure: put pig lean meat, lotus seeds and lily together into a tureen cooked in a steamer, finally add sauce.

  Functions: in addition to moisturize and nourish lungs, it can treat neurasthenia, palpitation, insomnia, etc. It also can be tonics food to nourish the body after illness.

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