Colon Cancer May Attack You
Because of Your Bad Daily Habits

It is reported that, there are over 12,000, 000 new developed colon and rectum cancer cases, which range the third in malignant tumors in male while the second in female, tightly following breast cancer. Between these two intestinal cancers, colon cancer takes a high incidence obviously. As living standards improving in past few years, the diet habits and structure of the people from Asia, Latin America, Africa and other areas have changed greatly that the incidence and mortality of colon cancer keep going up. Apart from that, most colon cancers are in middle or late stage when being detected. Many researches supported that the incidence of colon cancer keeps increasing is because of the changes of living habits and diets, such as high intake of fat diets and insufficiency of activity. To know the healthy living style helps us to prevent from the attack of colon cancer.

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Be Careful of Colon Cancer
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Reasonable Diet Helps Prevention of Colon Cancer
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Three Points Help You Prevent Colon Cancer
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Home Care for Colon Cancer
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How to Regulate Your Physical Condition after Surgery of Colon Cancer through Diets
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Dr. Wang Ronghua
■ Specialist of Image Department and Minimally Invasive Therapy
Dr. Wang has been involving in imaging diagnosis and radiation interventional therapy clinically for more than 20 years, with rich experience in tumor diagnosis of CT and MRI, he also masters interventional therapy in treating colon cancer. Dr. Wang introduces that, to colon cancer, it would mainly apply vascular interventional therapy, which is to inject chemical medicine selectively in the vessels supplying blood to tumor. As the local medicine concentration increases, it effectively kills cancer cells to cut down the tumor size. It can also use non-vascular interventional therapy on patients with obstruction in colon because of increased tumor size. The non-vascular interventional therapy is to implant a metal stent inside the stenosis of colon to enlarge intestinal tract that the patient can have smooth bowel movement.
Interventional therapy normally is performed under medical imaging devices that the whole procedures are visible and safe. Additionally, doctor would use special vessels in puncture, which would make the trauma smaller and can efficiently find the tumor without doing great harm to other tissues and organs.

Common Knowledge of Colon Cancer
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Treatment for Colon Cancer
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