Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou—A Preferred Hospital for Abroad Cancer Treatment

  Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, abroad treatment, cancer treatment in China

  In recent years, medical tourism, especailly treatments for cancer has becoming a hot new consumer hotspot for various countries. When you are searching "cancer treatment abroad" in the Internet, tens of thousands of items will pop up in front of you. However, what kind of cancer hospital you choose can help you for better therapeutic results? The problem has troubled many cancer patients and their families for a long time.

  In International Cancer Control Academic Conferences, authoritative oncologists have repeatedly mentioned that patients need to choose a regular hospital for cancer treatment, to ensure the safety of treatment. Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou was established in 2005, which is an international cancer hospital recognized by Chinese Ministry of Health, and accredited by the American JCI health care system. It is not just a regular cancer hospital that ensures safety treatment for cancer patients, but also an authoritative model in cancer treament world. As a commettee member of UICC (Union for International Cancer Control), Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has been dedicating to the exploration and study of cancer therapy, and striving to reduce the suffering of cancer patients during treatment and maximize the side effects.

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, abroad treatment, cancer treatment in China

  The reason why Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou is renowned domestic and abroad is attrubuted to two "magic keys", namely, professional minimally invasive cancer treatment techniques and standard treatment modalities.

  Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou is an authoritative cancer hospital specialized in minimally invasive treatmenst with 18 minimally invasive techniques. The 18 minimally invasive techniques include interventional therapy, cryosurgery, microwave ablation, nanoknife, combined therapy of TCM and western medicine, radiofrequency therapy, targeted therapy, etc. which are a little bit different from conventional treatments ( surgery, systemic chemotherapy, radiotherapy). Compared with the conventional ones, these techniques precisely positioning in the lesions without surgery, nearly not affecting the normal surrounding tissues, causing less side effects, and helping the body recover faster. Thence, a great numbers of cancer patients from Southeast Asian countries are attracted in.

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, abroad treatment, cancer treatment in China

  Different from conventional treatment modality, MDT (multidisciplinary team) experts provides joint consultation for one patient. Namely, more than one experts from different disciplines complete the whole treatment process together, including pathological diagnosis, cancer treatment, pain management, rehabilitation and care etc.. Besides, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has a world-renowned remote consultation center, in which experts jointly provide consultation for various cancer patients around the world via remote consultation modality. Beyond geographical limitation, patients can be entertained with proffesional advices & individualized treatment plan timely at home by our authority MDT experts.

  With solid technical support and the endeavour of our experienced MDT experts, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou speaks with facts, creating continuous anti-cancer miracles, improving living quality and prolonging survival time for numbers of cancer patients, Therefore, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou is also known as "Golden Minimally Invasive Cancer Hospital. "

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, abroad treatment, cancer treatment in China

  Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou is a Singapore joint venture international cancer hospital, committed to providing high-quality medical services for cancer patients around the world. Star hotel-like wards with butler service gives patients a comfatable“five-star home”. 24-hour multilingual translation services removes communication barrier. All staffs from the hospital respect every patient’s religious beliefs and customs, concern of mental health counseling, to minimize patient’s exotic discomfort.

  Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou regards "Love Without Borders" as a creed, devotes to creat an abroad renowned & world first-class hospital, provides cancer patients high qaulity medical care and prolongs their survival time.

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