Sunday, November 20th 2016
  • Date :
    13:00 – end
  • Venue :
    The BCC HOTEL & RESIDENCES Jl. Bunga Mawar - Baloi Kusuma,Batam
  • Organizer :
    St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, Medan Branch Office
  • Theme :
    New Hope for Pancreatic Cancer Treatment – Nanoknife
  • Note :
    1.Free consultation with Professor about all types of cancers, liver cirrhosis, diabetes neurological diseases and anti-aging problems.
    2.Seats are limited, our priority is patient and family, contact us now!
Nanoknife - New Hope of Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

Pancreatic cancer is a malignant diseases with high mortality rate, Clinical studies showed that patients with advanced pancreatic cancer who underwent surgery and chemoradiotherapy have less than 10% of survival rate, and there is only very few patients who live more than 3 years. However, pancreatic cancer does not mean death! There are other treatment methods of pancreatic cancer beside surgery and chemoradiotherapy.
Sunday, November 20th 2016 will be held New Technology of Cancer Treatment – “Nanoknife”Free Seminar and Consultation in Batam. Our experts from St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou will be presenting some new knowledges regarding Nanoknife and also will give FREE consultation for patients and families bringing a new hope for pancreatic cancer patients. Seats are limited, our priority is patient and family, contact us now!

Nanoknife advantages:

1. Nanoknife is the newest ablation technologies that has gained clinical approval from American FDA and CE.
2. There are more than 100 oncolgy hospital using this technology around the world, and handles almost 10.000 patients with very effective results.
3. In St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, Nanoknife has been used to treat pancreatic cancer, and bring new hope for all the foreigner patients.

Medical Experts
Speaker: Prof. KeLiqun

- Professor of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou
- Visiting professor of China Southern Medical University
- Famous oncologist in China
- Vice president of Zhuhai Anti-cancer Association

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During his 30 years medical experiences, Professor KeLiqun has treated thousands of cancer patients and gained rich experiences in cancer treatment. He clearly knows the feeling and suffering of cancer patients. Therefore, he combined his medical theories with his excellent medical skills, and then focused on research, practice and innovation. And, he summarizes a cancer treatment principle named “Four Combinations”. His innovations in cancer treatments not only help treat cancer effectively and lower the risk of recurrence and metastasis, but also make positive contributions and exposure to the innovation and development of cancer treatment. Moreover, Prof. Ke has published many authoritative books, such as Answering Cancer Patients’ Questions, Modern Cancer Therapeutics.

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