5-Star Hotel Style
Home Care Nursing
Home-Oriented VIP Ward
  1. VIP wards are home-oriented to ensure the quality of hospital life for patients and their families. Each VIP ward is equipped with a living room, a bedroom,
  2. a dining room and a restroom, and has an advanced hospital bed, a bed for carer, a TV, a refrigerator, a microwave oven,
  3. a water dispenser, sofas, wardrobes, etc, feeling like at home, and it concentrates on home care nursing model.
Standard Ward
  1. Standard wards are clean, neat, simple and comfortable. Each standard ward is equipped with two beds, a bathroom, a TV, a refrigerator,
  2. a water dispenser, lockers, various daily life supplies and so on, meeting patients and their families’ requirements for hospital life.
Digital security system for patient safety
We has introduced the digital hospital security management devices, where ward doors have an electronic screen in indicating the ward numbers,
doctor-in-charge and nurse-in-charge, and it also displays warning signs. The most prominent feature is the calling system at the wards,
which is connected to the inside and outside of the wards, and also the nurse station. And it makes use of the three color management concepts
to ensure that the medical staff can respond immediately to patients in any emergency. And, in the bathroom, considered as the most dangerous place for patients,
calling devices are installed, and a sliding door without doorsill is designed. Also, safety handrails and seats are available in the bath room
for those who are weak so that patients can enjoy their shower safely and comfortably.