Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou American JCI Accredited Hospital

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou(MCHG)has provided high-quality cancer care for ten years. It was founded in 1995 with a mission to provide outstanding cancer care. Today it is the frontrunner and the most admired hospital in China and an acknowledged leader in Asia. We have set up more than ten overseas branch offices in Asia, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has earned the respect and admiration of both local and international organizations. It is accredited and certified by the American JCI.

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19Advanced Cancer Minimally Invasive Technologies

At Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, we customize based on patients’ cancer case to deliver the most-advanced, least-invasive treatments with the fewest side effects. And because your peace of mind is of utmost importance to us, our experts perform the latest cutting-edge technology and techniques to treat cancers. [Read More]

Green Chemotherapy Cryotherapy Interventional Therapy Immunotherapy Photodynamic Therapy Microwave Ablation
Multidisciplinary Team (MDT)

Here, patients will go through the whole cancer therapy with our MDT, including diagnosis, treatment, and nursing. The MDT of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, an expert group, consists of many professionally medical workers in cancer treatment, pathologic diagnosis, pain management, rehabilitation nursing etc. Here, all the members of the expert group try their best to work together for your illness. They will regularly organize meetings and make rounds every day to discuss your condition, and make a reasonable treatment plan for you. They will do their best to provide the most reasonable and best medical services for you.

What Cancer Patients Say About Our Hospital
Five-star Medical Service
  • Customer Service

    Every patient can make an appointment in advance. After the arriving time is confirmed, we will arrange private car and interpreter from the hospital to wait for patients at the airport so that it can minimize their anxiety and fear when patients arrive in China. We offer provide 24 hours interpretation services for patients.

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  • Cozy and Comfortable Environment

    Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou is located at the back of Baiyun Mountain with refreshing air and beautiful environment. Whether in common wards or VIP wards, refreshing air and clean environment create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for the patients. The hospital also provides cozy bed for patients’ companions to take care of patients conveniently. It also has an exclusive dining room, which offers patients nutritionally balanced diets.

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  • Colorful Activities

    We always keep patients in mind so we will not neglect any important event of patients, whether it is their birthdays, memorial days or the days when they turn better condition or festivals in their hometowns. In Modern family, love is endless and medical service is without boundaries. Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou is their home.

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There is nothing wrong in seeking second opinion for cancer treatment. Online Conslutation