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Why human get older?
Fundamental Causes of Aging :

1. Cells aging and death

2. The recession of stem cells result in the deficiency of fresh cells, as a result the aging cells cannot be replaced, and the total number of effective cells reduces.

3. The interaction of external environment and gene accelerates cell aging

As the cells senesce, body function decline and other symptoms of aging may also come. It usually involves symptoms like cutis laxa, aging, wrinkles, stain, inelasticity, exhaustion, poor digestion, memory deterioration, bad sleeping, sexual function recession, etc.

Asian Cells Center Helps You Turn Back the Time
Skin needs fresh cells to keep young,
stem cell has become the most favored cosmetics material

Stem cell is the primitive cell of all organ tissues, which contributes to rejuvenation of skin cells. It is also the root cellto renew and rebuild beauty. Therefore, stem cells have the function of beauty, skincare and hairdressing, which can help tighten the skin, improve skin elasticity, and reduce wrinkles and pigmentation.

Stem cells transplantation is the best way to fight against aging, which injects the undifferentiated stem cells into the required parts in human body to form new required cells via continuous proliferation and differentiation of stem cells, so as to take place of old cells or dead cells, restore human body’s normal function and achieve the aim of anti-aging.

Modern Hospital Guangzhou possesses professional stem cells research centers, authoritative stem cells experts and experienced plastic surgeons, which work together to help people keep stunning looks and return to beauty.

Advantages of Stem Cell Therapy for Antiaging Treatment

Safe and Reliable. Human immune system has low identification ability towards those undifferentiated primitive cells, which helps prevent the immunological rejection and allergic reaction.

Short course, quick effect, and suitable for patients with all stages.

There is an operation in that stem cells transplantation is performed via intravenous infusion or arterial intervention, with less trauma and pain.

Statistics find that many people’s grey hair turn black after receiving stem cells transplantation. The cosmetic effects of stem cells therapy are not only reflected in skin and hair, but also in human body organs and systems. It restores human organs and systems, enhances the immunity, changes people’s spiritual outlook and refreshes youthful vigour.

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How long does it take for stem cell anti-aging therapy to take effect?

The second day after therapy : Improve sleep quality, and improve body tolerance.

One week later :Skin becomes soft and bright, elastic.

One month later : For female, symptoms like irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, and inflammation disappear. For male, diseases of prostate reduce or get better, sexual function improves.

One year later : People are less likely to catch a cold and chronic diseases will be improved because of the improvement of immunity. The stem cell therapy will also improve liver function, dilute facial spots, improve the ability of alcohol consumption, reduce symptoms of climacterium, fasten metabolism, repair organs and tissues, and delay aging.

Stem cells has powerful potential of self replication, renovation and multiple differentiation, they can differentiate to various kinds of function cells under certain conditions to repair damaged cells, increase the amount of normal cells and promote the reversion, supplement and activation of old cells. Stem cells transplantation enhances cell viability; improves the quality of cells, slow down aging process and slows the cell lesions, so as to improve or repair tissues, organs and physical functions, even reverse aging and maintain healthy in the real sense. However, it is difficult to extract stem cells, so beauties should choose the professional hospital to extract pure stem cells via advanced equipments.

Anti-aging Process of Stem Cells in Asian Cells Center

1. Mengkonfirmasi indikator yang berkaitan dengan terapi

2. Para Ahli menentukan jenis sel yang akan digunakan. Melalui proses diferensiasi , pensterilan yang ketat di laboratorium

3. Proses Terapi Stem Cell dijalani di ruang intervensi

4. Sudah bisa beraktivitas 1 hari pasca pengobatan

5. Hari ke-5 sudah ada indikator yang relevan dan berkhasiat

6. Hari ke-7 sudah diperbolehkan pulang

International Professional Asian Cells Center
Professional Biological Lab

Modern Hospital Guangzhou has been accredited by the international authoritative institution JCI (Joint Commission International). Its subordinated cells center has passed the ISO certification. The cells center is equipped with professional cell culture labs, advanced biological detecting instruments, experienced doctors and nurses as well as international leading stem cell technologies. All these help Asian Cells Center get the official approval from the Ministry of Health and Army Medical Department. Asian Cells Center has become one of the few stem cell therapy institutions which are accredited. In recent years, our cells center has made great achievements in the field of stem cell treatment, especially in complicated diseases like anti-aging, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, kidney failure, Parkinson, stroke, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries. Modern Hospital Guangzhou brings new hope for patients.

Asian Cells Center
Medical Team of Asian Cells Center

Doctors and nurses in the cells center are hard-working and responsible, experts diagnose and treat patients in person, and specially make them best individual medical plan based on the etiology, progression of disease and their own condition, so as to ensure that every patient get the best stem cells and treatment, also keep the efficacy of stem cells at a leading domestic level.

Wu Qingkai Clinical director and expert in stem cell treatment

As an expert in minimally invasive treatment of China, Director Wu is also an expert and pioneer in minimally invasive treatment targeted therapy of St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. He has been contributed to clinical research and treatment of stem cell for several years and gained profound experience in applying stem cell to diabetes mellitus and liver cirrhosis. In addition, he published theses such as Epidemic Hemorrhagic Fever Treated by Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation And Oxygenation and Clinical Application Study of Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation And Oxygenation.

Tang Xiangzhuan Expert in clinical treatment of stem cell

Dr. Tang is an expert in minimally invasive treatment of China and a key member of multidisciplinary team of St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. He conducted years of research in clinical research and treatment of stem cell which yielded great progress. Among all these years devoted to stem cell research, he demonstrated rich experience in utilizing stem cell in treating diabetes mellitus, liver cirrhosis and renal failure.

Zhang Dechun Director of Biological Experimental Center

Dr. Zhang is an experienced doctor in stem cell transplantation, who mainly engaged in the regeneration and clinic researches of stem cells and tissues, resistance mechanisms and cancer treatment. Dr. Zhang mainly studies the important scientific problems about stem cells and explores ways to using stem cell to treat human complicated diseases. She devoted herself to human health.

Ke Liqun Director of Oversea Consultation Center

Research direction: stem cells, combination of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, and chronic complicated diseases. Dr. Ke has published many articles on Chinese authoritative magazines, and one of the articles has been awarded with the Scientific and Technological Progress Award, which made positive contributions to the innovation and development of clinical therapeutics.

With 30 years experiences, Dr. Ke was good at treatment of diabetes, kidney diseases, Parkinson, etc. Dr. Ke specially designed a medical guideline for diseases of immune system, blood respiratory system, etc, and the medical guideline is: routine treatment+ stem cells+ traditional Chinese medicine. The medical guideline makes beneficial exploration and positive contribution to the improvement of survival rate and biological effect of stem cells. Meanwhile, the medical guideline improve the microenvironment in the body for stem cells transplantation.