They are from different countries. They have different types of cancer. They have to endure the torture of the disease. They all travel a long way to come to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou because here they have the hope of health.

August 8 is the birthday of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. Patients gave the hospital blessing cards with touching messages. “Deeply appreciate all the doctors and nurses for their warm and considerate services.” “Happy 8th anniversary. Wish the medical technologies get better, more advanced and successful.”

  • Why travel so far away from home to seek treatment abroad?
    On August 8th 2013, domestic and foreign media together visited Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. They had in-depth interviews with chief oncologist Peng Xiaochi and ten cancer patients who have successfully fight cancer and achieved good therapeutic effects. ...
    Refused to have a surgery, favored minimally invasive techniques
    Luo Siming is an 83-year-old oral cancer patient from Thailand. He refused to have a surgery, but chose to come to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou where he received interventional therapy and seed implant and his cancer was subsequently effectively controlled ...
    Multi-disciplinary combination treatment can achieve good effects
    Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou combines advices from experts specialized in different disciplines like Ar-He knife, particle knife, interventional therapy and bio-immunotherapy. They discuss a treatment plan together in order to obtain the best effect. ...
    Same medical techniques, more reasonable prices in China
    Technology is the key to cancer treatment. European and US anticancer technologies such as seed implant, bio-immunotherapy and transarterial chemoembolization are applied clinically in a mature and effective way in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou... ...
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    On August 8th 2013, the Top Ten Cancer Warriors went on stage at the anniversary party of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. Their optimistic and brave attitude impressed the audience. Representatives of cancer warriors Ms. Wang Youhua and Mr. Datuk respectively shared their experience with the audience. Wang Youhua said elegantly in Indonesia, “Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has excellent medical technologies and great international fame and plays a leading role in minimally invasive therapies, which illuminates the heart of millions of patients.” Mr. Datuk said excitedly in English, “although we are from abroad, we experience family-like warmth and care.” Meanwhile, they also told all cancer patients not to give up hope and to embrace everyday life with optimistic and active attitude.
    Nationality: Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Treatments: Interventional therapy +TCM
    Comments: Thank you for giving me a hand like Allah.
    Nationality: Jakarta, Indonesia
    Illness: Rectal cancer, gallbladder cancer
    Treatments: (Rectal cancer) Interventional therapy +immunotherapy +TCM, (gallbladder cancer) particle knife+ interventional therapy
    Nationality: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
    Illness: Liver cancer
    Treatments: Particle knife +interventional therapy +immunotherapy
    Nationality: Bangkok, Tahiland
    Illness: Oral cancer
    Treatments: Interventional therapy +particle knife +immunotherapy
    Nationality: Hanoi, Vietnam
    Illness: Advanced gastric cancer
    Treatments: Interventional therapy +immunotherapy
    Nationality:Surabaya, Indonesia
    Illness:Breast cancer
    Treatments: Interventional therapy +immunotherapy +surgery
    Nationality:Hanoi, Vietnam
    Illness:Liver cancer
    Treatments:Interventional therapy + cryosurgery +immunotherapy
    Nationality:Hanoi, Vietnam
    Illness: Cervical cancer
    Treatments: Interventional therapy +immunotherapy
    Nationality:Phnom Penh, Cambodia
    Illness:Kidney cancer
    Treatments:Cryosurgery therapy +immunotherapy
    Nationality:Jakarta, Indonesia
    Illness:Lung cancer
    Treatments:Interventional therapy +immunotherapy
  • The Tumor Consultant Center

    Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou is a comprehensive modern hospital specializing in oncotherapy and operating under the auspices of the Chinese government and Ministry of Health. The rapid development of China has attracted attention from all over the world. Chinese medical treatment has been one of the beneficiaries of this development, with Modern Hospital Guangzhou as a model 21st century health care facility.... [READ MORE]

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