What is Immune Cell?
Immune Cell----Natural Health Shield

The immune cells can automatically recognize and eliminate the outside bacteria and virus and deal with the aging, damaged, dead and abnormal cells. The immune cells, including NK cell, γδT cell, T cell, etc. are capable of recognizing and dealing with the mutant cells and the infected cells.

Your Immune Cell is Aging Everyday.

According to the latest research, the immunity function reaches to the peak at about 20 years old and gradually declines. The immunity function reduces 0.8% to 0.9% every year. At about 80, people almost lose their immunity.

In healthy condition, the body will produce 6000-10000 cancer cells every day. Immune cells are able to swallow the cancer cells and keep the body healthy. However, when the body does not produce sufficient immune cells and the body will lose the ability of swallowing the cancer cells and the cancer cells will accumulate and attack the body cells, form to lesion and develop to cancer.

Meanwhile, the aging of immune cells are closely related to the aging of body, invasion of virus, diseases, etc. Thus, immune cells are the important index of health.

Thymus: the important index of immunity Variation Trend of Immunity
The Importance of Immune Cells

As the natural health shield of body, immune cells always resist the invasion of outside bacteria and virus and eliminate the inside cancer lesion, abnormal cells and aging cells. The aging immune cells will directly cause the aging of the body, influenza, mental fatigue, viral infection, cancers, etc.

Viral Infection
Viral Infection
Mental Fatigue
Mental Fatigue
Aging of the Body
Aging of the Body
Immune Cell Therapy: Cancers Prevention
In October 2011, French scientist, Ralph Marvin Steinman, was awarded Nobel Prize for he found out the dendritic cell (DC, a kind of immune cell) and its postnatal immunity function. Meanwhile, he, as a pancreatic cancer patient in stage 4, prolonged his own lifetime from less than one year to four and a half year through dendritic cell (DC) treatment. This science miracle promoted more and more medical experts to apply immune cell therapy in cancer treatment.

In October 2011, Ralph Marvin Steinman was awarded Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Immune Cell Therapy: Cancers Prevention
How does Immune Cells Prevent Cancers?
Preoperative Application
Improve Success Rate of Operation:Immune cell therapy can overall improve patients’ immunity and avoid the immunity reduction caused by operation so as to improve success rate of operation.
Joint Application
Comprehensive Therapy Brings Better Efficacy:To cancer patients in middle or advanced stage, immune cell therapy can be combined with radiotherapy, chemotherapy, Ar-He knife, particle implantation, interventional therapy, etc so as to improve the efficacy.
Post-Operative Application
Eliminate the Residual Cancer Cells:To those who have taken radiotherapy, chemotherapy or minimally invasive therapy, the immune cell therapy can recover and strenghten the anti-tumor immunity, eliminate the inside residual cancer cells, reduce the chance of recurrence and metastasis of tumor and improve the success rate of cancer therapy.
Single Application
Prevent Tumors or Cancers :To those who have been diagnosed with cancers or with family history, by taking immune cell therapy at regular intervals, the immune cells in the body can thoroughly recognize, detect and kill the abnormal cells, swallow the virus and help recover the immunity function so as to prevent tumors or cancers.
Advantages of Immune Cell Therapy
Disadvantages of Traditional Operation
Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy
Immune Cell Therapy:
The Hope of Cancer Patients
Can’t Radically Kill Cancer Cells

Cancer cells can not be radically removed in the operation. The residual cancer cells easily cause recurrence and metastasis of cancers.


When 70% to 80% of patients are diagnosed with cancers, they are in advanced stage. They miss the best chance of operation, and radiotherapy and chemotherapy bring a lot of side effects, which make many patients suffered.

A Lot of Side-effects

Traditional therapy will bring many toxic side-effects or symptoms of loss of hair, weakness, pain, vomiting, etc.

Damage the Body

The traditional chemotherapy and radiotherapy kill both the cancer cells and normal cells so that the immunity will be reduce and damage the body.

Radically Kill Cancer Cells

Immune cell therapy can activate the immunity function, radically eliminate tumor cells, effectively reduce the possibility of relapse and metastasis and improve the clinical cure rate of tumor.

Applicable to Cancers

The immune cell therapy effectively kills cancer cells and is applicable to many kinds of tumors which can not be removed by operation, or which are insensitive to radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

No Toxic Side Effects

Immune cells, which are extracted from autologous cells, will not cause immunological rejection or toxic side effects to normal cells or damage to people’s health.

Small Trauma and Few Pain

Through intravenous injection, it brings smaller trauma and less pain

Immune Cell Therapy: Improve Immunity
In addition to cancer treatment, immune cell therapy is also beneficial to regular the quality and quantity of immune cells, improve the immunity, relieve the fatigue, prevent the viral infection or cancers, slow down the effect of aging.
Slow down the Effect of Aging
Aging is irresistable but through taking immune cell therapy at regular intervals, it is beneficial to slow down the effects of aging and stay in youth.
Cancer Prevention
The body will produce 6000-10000 cancer cells everyday. To people in cancer high risk group, taking immune cell therapy at regular intervals can swallow cancer cells and avoid developing into tumor.
Relieve Fatigue
To those under tremendous working pressure, or work in a hazardous environment, or fell tired or fatigued, immune cell therapy effectively relieves mental fatigue.
Resist Invasion of Virus
People with low immunity easily have infection of bacteria, virus or fungus. After having infection, patients easily get sick or relapse. Immune cell therapy can improve immunity, recognize and eliminate the virus and stay healthy condition.
What are the Applicable Groups
for Immune Cell Therapy?
Cancer Patients
Cancer patients can take immune cell therapy at any stage.
High Risk Group
of Cancer
High Risk Group of Cancer
Those were diagnosed with cancers or with family history.
People with Low Immunity
Those with weak physical fitness, feel fatigued, or easily get viral infected.
People in Middle
People in Middle Age
Hope to slow down the effects of aging and prevent disease by biological health technology.
Immune Cell Therapy in Modern Cancer
Hospital Guangzhou

At present, immune cell therapy includes CIK therapy, DC therapy, DC-CIK therapy, NK therapy, DC-T therapy, etc.

In Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, after ten years of introduction and innovation of the single immune cell therapy, experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou develop biological immunotherapy, multiple targeted antitumor immune cell therapy and ACTL tumor cell targeted therapy so as to bring new hope for a lot of cancer patients.

Multiple Targeted Therapy

Multiple targeted antitumor immune cell therapy adopts five core cells, DC, CTL, NK, γδT, CD3AK, which set up a multi-dimension therapy to fight against cancers so as to largely reduce the rate of cancer recurrence. Multiple targeted antitumor immune cell therapy is also called “super cells”.【Read More】

  • ◎Strengthen the Immunity to Fight against Cancers Independently
  • ◎Clinical Safety and Few Side-effects
  • ◎Relieve the Pain of Cancer and Prolong Patients’ Lifetime
  • ◎Combined Therapy Makes up the Deficiencies of Traditional Therapy
  • ◎Peculiar and Precise, Strongly Targeted in Cancer Killing
  • ◎Strengthen Immunity to Fight against Cancers Independently
How Immune Cell Therapy Performed?

Draw 60ml Peripheral Blood

Culture the Cells(7-14 Days)

Cell Proliferation Culture

Strict Cell Quality Inspection

Transfuse back to the Patients

Effectively Kill Cancer Cells

Overall Treatment Time:
12-14 Days
Recommended Therapeutic Regimen:
One session per month. One course will last 6 months
Taking multiple courses repeatedly will bring better efficacy than single course.
Why Do You Choose Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou
Ungraded Single Cell Therapy----Success rate of tumor treatment reaches 87.3%

Have been introduced and innovated for ten years by MDT (Multidisplinary Team), immune cell therapy breaks through single DC/CIK immune cell therapy. They innovate in multiple targeted antitumor immune cell therapy, which is composed of five kinds of immune cells, DC, CTL, NK, γδT, CD3AK, so as to set up a multi-dimension therapy to fight against cancer and largely reduce the rate of cancer recurrence.

Multiple targeted antitumor immune cell technology was awarded as “Innovation Prize of Tumor Immunotherapy”.
Upgraded DC-CIK technology: Multiple Targeted Antitumor Immune Cell Technology
Safe and Reliable Cell Quality

Immune cell culture, which conducted in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, strictly complies with the SOP standard and is completed in clear GMP lab. The number of cultured cells reaches more than ten to tenth power. The activity of cells is more than 95%, which provides reliable guarantee to treatment effect. Under strict quality control the completed cell products do not have exogenous factor, such as bacteria, fungi, mycoplasma, virus, endotoxin.

International JCI Accredited Cancer Hospital

In October 2014 Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou was accredited by JCI. JCI accreditation means that the medical safety, quality and service are close to international standard. In the process of immune cell therapy, hospital always complies with the JCI service standard, arranges the authoritative expert to make individualized therapeutic regimen and professional nursing staffs to follow up the review check so as to ensure the patients receive the professional treatment and thoughtful service.

They Regain Hope of Cancer Treatment Here

As a green and effective biological cancer therapy, immune cell therapy has the advantages of short cycle, quick effect and toxic side-effects, which brings hope to cancer patients in middle or advanced stage.

  • Name: MIMIE ABUTIN Disease: Breast Cancer Therapeutic Regimen: Biological immunotherapy + Interventional Therapy
  • Name:YONG AH SANG Disease: Esophageal Cancer  Therapeutic Regimen: Biological Immunotherapy + Interventional Therapy
  • Name: SOO AH CHUN Disease: Lymphoma Therapeutic Regimen: Biological immunotherapy + Interventional Therapy
  • Name: WONG NYUK FAN Disease: Prostate Cancer Therapeutic Regimen: Biological immunotherapy + Particle Knife