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The Diabetes patient: I believe I will recover soon.

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  Mr. Su, a 59-year-old man, has a beautiful and lively wife and a son who is a dentist.

  He looks to be seriously meticulous with a pinch of beard on his upper lip and a grave mouth when he doesn’t smile. The first sight you see him, you might be in awe of him. That’s reasonable, because he is a serious superintendent of police.

  However, he is actually optimistic and lively.


  Yes, diabetes. The 59-year-old superintendent of police has suffered from hyperglycemia for 20 years. The diagnosis was “type 2 diabetes, diabetic feet, and peripheral neuropathy” when he was admitted in the hospital. Mr. Su has suffered from repeated itching and ulcer of lower limbs for 2 years as a result of diabetes. His diabetic feet developed to a certain stage. Skin around his ankles turned red, with cluster and moss-like rashes and there were many visible ulcer scars on his lower limbs’ skin.

  It seems that diabetes is not horrible, but with the complication of diabetic feet, it would be at great risk. Even with rich life experience, the senior police was bothered by diabetes and diabetic feet. If they couldn’t be cured and his diabetic feet kept deteriorating, it would be difficult for him to walk freely.

  Stem cell?

  Accompanied by his wife, Mr. Su went to many hospitals to seek therapies for diabetes, but there was less cure effect. The leading therapy was pharmaceutical therapy, which couldn’t cure diabetes permanently. However, Mr. Su and his wife didn’t feel depressed and kept looking for effective therapies with optimism.

  One day, they saw the stem cell therapy for diabetes in the web site of Modern Hospital Guangzhou (Stem Cell Research and Treatment Center).Then, they went to the hospital’s office in Surabaya to have a consultation and the doctor there explained the elements of the stem cell therapy for diabetes to them, which convinced the couple that it may be effective.

  On May 5th, 2014, they came to Modern Hospital Guangzhou (Stem Cell Research and Treatment Center) to have a try. Experts of the hospital made an elaborated therapeutic schedule for Mr. Su and he has undergone the stem cell surgery.

  Nurses Day?

  Mr. Su and his wife have celebrated a lot of holidays, except the Nurses Day. In Modern Hospital Guangzhou (Stem Cell Research and Treatment Center), they spent the Nurses Day for the first time.

  On May 12th, the international Nurses Day, an elaborated Nurses Day evening party was thrown in Modern Hospital Guangzhou (Stem Cell Research and Treatment Center), in which Indonesian patients and their family members were invited to take part, including Mr. Su and his wife. Since Mr. Su just underwent the stem cell surgery that day, he couldn’t go to the party. But his wife took part in it and sang the beautiful song Oh, My Mother with girls from the international customer service department of the hospital, which surprised all the audiences.

  Discharged from hospital!

  On May 12th, Mr. Su was discharged from the hospital. His condition has been improved greatly after the stem cell treatment. The blood glucose has been under control and the rashes and pruritus that annoyed him for a long time has disappeared, which make him feel much better. The senior police urged to move freely, but diabetic feet made it difficult for him to walk and live an easy life, which he couldn’t bear because he worked as a police. Now, he can walk fast and vigorously again. The day when he was discharged from the hospital, interpreters and medical staffs sent flowers to them. Then they took pictures together, with very brilliant smiles.

  When facing diseases, few people can wear a smile often, so Mr. Su is a hero among patients. The couple’s optimism and vigor infected everyone in the hospital, and interpreters and medical staffs reluctantly bade them good-bye.

  There is a next treatment for Mr. Su after the transient discharge from hospital, and just as he says, he will recover soon.

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