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Stem Cell Therapy Helps the Patient with Liver Cirrhosis Embrace New Life

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  On April 18th, Mohandas went back to Sri Lanka by plane. Days have heated up in Guangzhou since the middle of April. Wearing refreshing clothes and bright smile, Mohandas waved farewell to medical staffs and the interpreter who saw him off. It’s hard to imagine: about one month ago, Mohandas suffered from limbs weakness and legs edema as a result of liver cirrhosis, which made his life inconvenient. After one-month treatment, his abdominal distention and edema was alleviated. His appetite was stimulated and his mental condition was better. “Stem cell therapy brings me the hope for new life,” said Mohandas.

  The more than 20-year alcoholism results in his liver cirrhosis

  54-year-old (2014) Mohandas comes from Sri Lanka, a tropical island in south Asia. With more than 20-year alcoholism, he was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis five years ago. Then he suffered from symptoms such as abdominal distention, poor appetite, weakness and insomnia repeatedly. Three months ago, his condition deteriorated to the decompensation stage, with the severe complications of edema and abdominal distention, which were very worrying.

  “My family members constantly worry about my condition. It’s a torture for them to see me take medicine again and again. I regret being addicted to alcohol in the past. ”

  54-year-old Mohandas should have enjoyed life and pleasure brought by his family members, but liver cirrhosis turned the good life into an illusion. Since then, there were few smiles on his face and he lost life pursuit gradually.

  The painful disease compelled him to look for new therapy.

  In order to help Mohandas recuperate his health, his family members kept looking for effective therapies. They learned that stem cell therapy is effective for liver cirrhosis and stem cell technology was well developed in china. Therefore, accompanied by his family members, Mohandas came to china for stem cell therapy in March this year.

  “At first, I just came to china with the idea of having a try. You know, I didn’t want my family members felt sad. However, it turns out that it was a wise decision.”

  Mohandas was admitted to the hospital on March 25th. Four days later, he underwent the first stem cell therapy which showed effectiveness after a few days.

  “When I arrived in china, I suffered from legs edema and fatigue which made my life quite inconvenient. After the stem cell treatment, my swelling began to disappear and my limbs regained strength.”

  I don’t want to be a “professional patient”.

  “I feel more cheerful because the treatment shows effectiveness. I don’t want to stay in the ward all day long which isn’t my life pursuit. So I’m thinking about to walking outside.”During the period of hospitalization, Mohandas often took a walk near the hospital to exercise his legs. Moreover, he often took part in activities organized by the hospital.

  In late March, accompanied by the interpreter, Mohandas travelled in Guangzhou. He visited many places of interest and appreciated local conditions and customs. Then, he also took part in all activities in the hospital.

  “I felt like I was a healthy person, not a patient in those activities and it seemed that I went back to the condition before I was sick, in which I enjoyed my life.”

  Although legs edema always reminds him of the disease, he will no longer retreat. “I have found the courage of life here. If there are opportunities, I want to visit other cities in china.”

  Health helps him embrace happy Life

  The day he was discharged from the hospital, he was in a good mood. His legs edema and abdominal distention has been alleviated, with improved appetite and good mental condition. When parting, the doctor told him to pay attention to daily life care: diet control, moderate exercise and avoiding smoking and alcohol, etc.

  Now, Mohandas has gone back to Sri Lanka. We sincerely wish him an early recover and health helps him embrace happy life.

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