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Individualized Treatment Plan Gives Me Confidence


Hang Thi Cuc: individualized treatment plan gives me confidence

That day when we saw Hang Thi Cuc, she was in a white sleeveless lace top with delicate makeup, so elegant and charming. We couldn’t believe that she was almost 60 years old, and she was also a breast cancer patient. She was a quite famous actor in Vietnam. Actually, she was the manager of a youth opera house in Hanoi.

In October 2010, Hang Thi Cuc occasionally felt tingling in her right breast. She did a physical examination in local hospital, but nothing was found. In the next seven months she kept going the hospital regular for checking, but all doctors said it was normal.

“When it came to the seventh month, actually in April 2011, I touched a mass in my right breast. I went to the local hospital, this time I was told having breast cancer.” said Hang Thi Cuc with smile “At that moment, I didn’t feel surprised, because one of my relatives also had this disease before, so I knew something about breast cancer, and I have paid much attention to it in the past. What’s more, since I have been very uncomfortable for seven months, I have already had a hunch about it. At first, of course, I also felt very upset, but then there was more rationality in me. No matter what happened, I can face it calmly.”

Since then, Hang Thi Cuc started to search on various media such as internet or TV for the best treatment method. Her relatives and good friends also tried their best to help her by giving trustworthy advices or asking around for any possible treatment. When she went to the Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou overseas office in Hanoi for a free consultation, the analysis and individualized treatment plan given by the experts gave her a lot of confidence. But for security, as well as the advices from all relatives and friends, she decided to perform the surgery in Vietnam first, and then go the Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou in China to take more advanced treatment.

In order to avoid hair loss during the chemo, Hang Thi Cuc shaved all her hair before treatment. Her behavior shocked all relatives and friends, but Hang Thi Cuc just smiled and said: “My relative who has breast cancer was very sad for her hair loss during the chemo, so I just shaved my hair, so when I took the six cycles of chemo, I didn’t have such feeling.” However, the chemo still had a big impact on Hang Thi Cuc’s job. At that time she had received many scripts. She had great interest in every role, but for treatment, she had to quit.

In October 2011, Hang Thi Cuc received breast lump removal in a local hospital. After one month, she, accompanied by her son and daughter-in-law, admitted Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for more advanced minimally invasive therapy. After the consultation of MDT group, Hang Thi Cuc received biological immunotherapy as well as some traditional Chinese medicine. Hang Thi Cuc said: “Biological immunotherapy is advanced; it has greatly improved my immunity. The most touching part to me is that, everyday, the doctors and nurses will come in early to talk to me, asking not only me, but other patients as well, our diet, urine, excrement, sleep, everything related to our condition, and encourage us to be relaxed. Every time when I heard those sweet words which used to be spoken by my family, I was very glad.” After a period time of treatment, the tumors in Hang Thi Cuc breast mostly disappeared. Now she just keeps regular checking in the hospital.

During our interview, Hang Thi Cuc’s phone rang. When she picked up the phone, we saw happiness on her face. She told us that it was her granddaughter who was conceived the second time when she came back the hospital for a follow-up check up. Now, she was expected to have another grandson. “I am thankful.” she said “I have very deep feeling for Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou.”

“As a cancer patient, you must be positive and have faith. You should pay much attention to the diet, and keep regular exercise. Now I do Yoga an hour every day, and every night before I go to bed, I will sit in meditation for one hour.” Hang Thi Cuc’s told us her healthcare tips. That explained why she looked so good even though she was almost 60 years old.

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