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God Please Do Not Take Me Away!

   liver cancer

 "I just felt the pain of liver fever." Vu Xuan Hoa from Vietnam slowly recalled his anti-cancer memory. In November 2011, Vu Xuan Hoa with his family came to local hospital for examination as he really could not tolerate the countless sleepless nights of torture pain and his weight was sharply decreased by 4kg. Under unsuspecting situation, he was told suffering from liver cancer with the tumor as big as 7x5cm. “At that time I was terrified and doubted whether I was about to die.” he said. Since then, he continuously inquired to doctors how to treat liver cancer, with Vietnamese doctors’ patient explanations, he was slowly able to calm down.

  Vu Xuan Hoa’s family members have also not been idle; they were constantly looking for drugs, expecting to find good drugs with good efficacy to help treating the disease. Under the arrangements of Vietnamese doctors, Vu Xuan Hoa received surgical resection to remove the liver mass. After a period of recuperation, liver pain was relieved; cough was not that serious like before. He thought cancer will be away from him as long as he followed doctor’s instructions, but something that was unexpected happened...

  God please do not take me away

  I did not expect that liver cancer reoccurred after six months since the surgical resection, even new tumors was found in the lungs. He was once again caught up in the previous sleepless days. As a devout Catholic, he prays to God daily, "God please do not take me away as I'm still missing my wife, my two children; I want to continue to fight for my life and health, and I do not want to lose to cancer!”

  Finally Vu Xuan Hoa again saw the hope of treatment as he browsed to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. Accompanied his brother, Vu Xuan Hoa went to Guangzhou, China for treatment. After arriving at this hospital, he was deeply impressed by his attending doctor - Dr. Zhong’s enthusiasm and earnest. Dr. Zhong daily visited him, carefully explained to him about the development of the disease and developed treatment program accordingly. After 9 times of interventional treatment, 1 time of cryotherapy and 3 times of biological immunotherapy, Vu Xuan Hoa obviously feels that his physical condition has improved; he doesn’t feel easily fatigue like before; appetite and sleep quality has improved significantly.

  The postoperative examination reports show that the tumor has shrunk to 2.5x2.5cm. On knowing this, Vo Xuan Hoa suddenly relaxes. Now he is still receiving consolidation therapy which significantly reduces the risk of cancer recurrence.

liver cancer

  Cancer is refractory and still needs insistence

  During treatment, Vo Xuan Hoa actively participated in the activities organized by Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, such as outings, patients’ gatherings, the Mid-Autumn Festival party, New Year's party, etc. Speaking of which made him the most impressive, he said it was patients’ gatherings in which he met new patient friends and communicated & exchanged with them, what was more, doctors would carefully explain the cancer treatment, the treatment effect, nursing methods and other aspects related, which greatly increased their confidence.

  Knowing that his brother's condition is under control, Vu Xuan Hoa’s brother is deeply pleased. He thinks that cancer is a refractory disease, but if it can be detected as early as possible, treatment effect will be better, besides, patients and their families should actively cooperate with treatments, never be negative. Vu Xuan Hoa often communicates with other cancer patients of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, and he hopes that other patients can also obtain a good result like him and get rid of cancer as soon as possible!

liver cancer

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