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Do You Know about Liver Cirrhosis?
Causes and Harms

Liver cirrhosis, a disease with high mortality rate, is called as “a prelude to liver cancer”. With enormous harms to health, it is difficult to be cured. Liver is a very soft organ. As the ongoing liver inflammation occurs, liver cells die constantly. But the liver cannot catch up with speed of cell necrosis to regenerate new cells. Therefore, the necrotic cells will spread all over the liver fibrous tissue, making the liver surface become rough gradually. It is like surface of the moon which is rough and hard. This is how the liver cirrhosis comes into being.

Symptoms and Diagnosis
Incidence of Liver Cirrhosis

In the past decade, liver cirrhosis was listed in the top 10 death causes. Liver cirrhosis has greatly affected people’s health. It is reported that more than 780,000 people died of complications of hepatitis B including liver cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Stem Cell Transplantation for Liver Cirrhosis
Advantages of Stem Cell Therapy for Liver Cirrhosis

1. Liver Transplantation
There is a risk of liver transplantation. For the living donor, taking the part of healthy liver will burden the donator with side effects of the operation.

Medical Experts Comment: Although liver transplantation is an effective treatment for hepatic failure patients, it is limited by some problems including lack of donators, expensive medical cost, and immunological rejection after operation etc.

Why Not Choose Other Treatments?

2. Medication Treatment
Liver cirrhosis is a common serious liver disease. A large number of liver cells turn into necrosis, which leads to hepatic failure. If patients are only treated by medication, the fatality rate is up to 70%.

1. Quality of Stem Cells
Normally, it is ineffective that the peripheral blood stem cells or marrow stem cells are injected into the patient’s body only after simple cell separation. Asian Cells Center uses special technology to separate and culture high quality stem cells with better treatment effects.

Influent Factor of Stem Cell Therapy

2. Approach of Transplantation
Our center uses the hepatic arterial intervention to transplant stem cells. At present, there are the normal approaches in the world including intravenous infusion and liver puncture transplantation. But our experts hold that hepatic artery is the nutrient artery of liver, so hepatic arterial intervention is the best way for stem cells transplantation.

Processes of Stem Cell Therapy in Asian Cells Center

1. Mengkonfirmasi indikator yang berkaitan dengan terapi

2. Para Ahli menentukan jenis sel yang akan digunakan. Melalui proses diferensiasi , pensterilan yang ketat di laboratorium

3. Proses Terapi Stem Cell dijalani di ruang intervensi

4. Sudah bisa beraktivitas 1 hari pasca pengobatan

5. Hari ke-5 sudah ada indikator yang relevan dan berkhasiat

6. Hari ke-7 sudah diperbolehkan pulang

International Professional Asian Cells Center
Professional Biological Lab

Modern Hospital Guangzhou has been accredited by the international authoritative institution JCI (Joint Commission International). Its subordinated cells center has passed the ISO certification. The cells center is equipped with professional cell culture labs, advanced biological detecting instruments, experienced doctors and nurses as well as international leading stem cell technologies. All these help Asian Cells Center get the official approval from the Ministry of Health and Army Medical Department. Asian Cells Center has become one of the few stem cell therapy institutions which are accredited. In recent years, our cells center has made great achievements in the field of stem cell treatment, especially in complicated diseases like anti-aging, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, kidney failure, Parkinson, stroke, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries. Modern Hospital Guangzhou brings new hope for patients.

Asian Cells Center
Medical Team of Asian Cells Center

Doctors and nurses in the cells center are hard-working and responsible, experts diagnose and treat patients in person, and specially make them best individual medical plan based on the etiology, progression of disease and their own condition, so as to ensure that every patient get the best stem cells and treatment, also keep the efficacy of stem cells at a leading domestic level.

Zhen Yanli Director of Department of Intervention, Expert of Stem Cell Transplantation

Dr. Zhen is a leading expert of Chinese minimally interventional therapies, also expert and founder of minimally invasive targeted therapy of Modern Hospital Guangzhou. Dr. Zhen has engaged in stem cells research and clinical interventional therapy for many years. He is particularly good at stem cell therapy of diabetes, liver cirrhosis, etc. Dr. Zhen is experienced and professional.

Jiang Xilin Director of Internal Medicine, Stem Cell Clinical Expert of Gastroenterology Department

Dr. Jiang is the committee member Chinese Medical Association; he has worked in 421 Hospital of Chinese People's Liberation Army and devoted himself to the research of the early diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal disease and tumor for a long time. He is particularly good at the diagnosis and treatments of internal diseases of digestive tract tumor, internal secretion, blood and respiratory tract. He is the first one who uses capsule endoscopy to treat digestive system diseases in China. He is experienced and has published about 30 articles in medical magazines like Chinese Pharmaceutical Journal, Chinese Journal of Misdiagnostics. And the article named To Treat Primary Liver Cancer with Percutaneous Catheter was published on Journal of Navy Medicine and awarded with the fourth prize of Military Scientific and Technological Progress Award.

Zhang Dechun Director of Biological Experimental Center

Dr. Zhang is an experienced doctor in stem cell transplantation, who mainly engaged in the regeneration and clinic researches of stem cells and tissues, resistance mechanisms and cancer treatment. Dr. Zhang mainly studies the important scientific problems about stem cells and explores ways to using stem cell to treat human complicated diseases. She devoted herself to human health.

Ke Liqun Director of Oversea Consultation Center

Research direction: stem cells, combination of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, and chronic complicated diseases. Dr. Ke has published many articles on Chinese authoritative magazines, and one of the articles has been awarded with the Scientific and Technological Progress Award, which made positive contributions to the innovation and development of clinical therapeutics.

With 30 years experiences, Dr. Ke was good at treatment of diabetes, kidney diseases, Parkinson, etc. Dr. Ke specially designed a medical guideline for diseases of immune system, blood respiratory system, etc, and the medical guideline is: routine treatment+ stem cells+ traditional Chinese medicine. The medical guideline makes beneficial exploration and positive contribution to the improvement of survival rate and biological effect of stem cells. Meanwhile, the medical guideline improve the microenvironment in the body for stem cells transplantation.