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How to Care Advanced Stage Liver Cancer Patients?

  Patients with advanced stage liver cancer are physically and mentally tortured, and the constant expressions of them are decreased appetite, indigestion, pain, restlessness etc. Besides taking medicines, a good nursing can also help them to reduce pain, improve the therapeutic effect and the quality of patients’ life.

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  Basic nursing

  Liver cancer patients should be provided with a comfortable, clean and quiet environment. They should also be assisted with body cleaning work. For bedridden patients, we should strengthen their basic nursing, prevent the occurrence of decubitus or other complications.

  Psychological cares

  There is a saying "anger hurts the liver", which means that people who are often in an upset or angry state are more inclined to liver diseases. Angry mood affects the patient’s rehabilitation which means that emotion’s influence on the disease can not be sneezed at. Advanced stage liver cancer patients are commonly presented with pessimism, anxiety, fear, despair. If they are not timely guided to a positive mood, their condition will aggravate gradually. Negative emotion and diseases are circulated with each other, so the harm of negative mood is very serious. Medical staffs and family members should support the patient mentally, help them to build their confidence for the treatment and encourage them to actively cooperate with the treatments and nursings.

  Diet nursing

  Advanced stage liver cancer patients’ diet should be matched carefully since their organs’ function is declining. Occurring to loss of appetite and indigestion, they should be provide with different kinds of warm and nutrition foods which are easily digestible, at the same time, greasy or fried foods should be avoided. To vomiting patients, antiemetic can be given according to their individual condition while patients whose blood ammonia is rising should fast protein.

  Pain care

  To advanced stage liver cancer patients, pain is the main symptom and the most scared thing. Pain will severely affect patient’s life, sleep, and emotion. In addition to proper painkillers, medical staffs and the patient’s families should often chat with them, guide them to read or think about some good things, help them to divert their attentions and encourage them to build a sound mood.

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