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SUSAN: Combined Therapy Defeat Cancer Recurrence Successfully

I am Susan Gawat, 58 years old, from the Philippines. I was diagnosed with breast cancer stage IIA. In 2014, I took mastectomy and intravenous chemotherapy in the Philippines. However, in July, 2015, the cancer came back with lung and liver metastasis.

And then I received treatment in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. After taking interventional therapy and biological immunotherapy, I have gotten improvement and I’m in stable and good condition now.

I’m a single mother with four children. So far, I have worked in hospital for 28 years, and all my children have grown up and love me so much. I was quite contented with this peaceful and happy life before. However, the sudden breast cancer changed my peaceful life.

In August, 2014, I suddenly found a lump in my left breast, and I went for check-up in the hospital where I worked. I was diagnosed with left breast cancer. At that moment, I thought my world completely collapsed. But, my families, friends, colleagues supported and encouraged me to fight against cancer. I began to fight bravely, and in September, I received mastectomy in the Philippines. In order to prevent cancer metastasis, I took both breasts away. After the surgery, I got 4 sessions of intravenous chemotherapy, and finished all the treatment which my doctor recommended me. I felt better and came back to work.

I thought these suffering days were over. Unfortunately, cancer returned in July, 2015. I got pneumonia and coughed for a long time, which could not be alleviated by drugs. My doctor advised me to take CT scan and X-ray, from which I was diagnosed with lung and liver metastasis. There were small nodules in my lungs and liver, which meant that the cancer recurred. I felt very sad again and cried, so did my families. My doctor in the Philippines also suggested me taking chemotherapy. But my daughter found Modern Cancer Hospital and minimally invasive therapy with fewer side effects.

I believed that it was the God that guided me to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. It just happened that my daughter in law took a magazine about Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. Coincidently, the result of check-up was not good. My daughter remembered the hospital that she read in the magazine. And then she searched a lot about Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. When she knowing interventional therapy and biological immunotherapy, she said, “Mama, we are going to China for treatment. There are no interventional therapy and biological immunotherapy in the Philippines, but only surgery and chemotherapy.” Later, we went to Manila office to consult. Through discussion, we decided to go the hospital. At first, I was worried about the finance and language barriers. My families said, “Don’t worry, we support you. You have to fight and defeat cancer. Everything is going to be better.”

In September, 2015, I arrived at Modern Cancer Hospital with my daughter. Firstly, maybe due to the jet lag, I vomited and felt uncomfortable. Professional medical team made a specific treatment plan for me immediately, and suggested me taking interventional therapy and biological immunotherapy. During the first treatment time, I got two sessions of interventional therapy and one session of biological immunotherapy. As I finished my first intervention, I got poor appetite, but three days later, it became normal. And I felt comfortable for my second intervention. What’s more, I felt much better after taking immunotherapy without any side effects. Whereas, the intravenous chemotherapy that I received in the Philippines before had many side effects, such as sore throat, infection, hair loss etc. After one month, I went back to my workplace to ask for leave; my colleagues and friends said, “You feel much better than before. You don’t look like you are sick.” This is the second time I came for the third session of interventional therapy. I am so happy that my condition has improved a lot and all the indexes have become normal.

In Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, I made many friends. There were many Filipino patients, Indonesian patients, Malaysian patients, etc in the hospital. We talked and cared about each other. In the first time I came here, the Filipino patients told me that the doctors and nurses were so good here, and we could cooked by ourselves. Indeed, doctors, nurses, translators etc were very accommodating. They took good care of me, and always concerned about me, who were like my families. Especially I was very grateful to my attending doctor—Dr. Tang. Besides, there were many activities held for cancer patients in the hospital regularly, for example the mid-autumn festival party which I joined before. I could go outside here, and I had been to many places such as the Sacred Heart Church, IKEA. Chinese people were very nice. When we went outside, they always tried their best to speak English to us or found those who could speak English to help us.

Thank the lord for guiding me to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. Cancer is a trial of my life. I must fight against it and never give up. Everything will become better only we trust the doctor and the treatment.

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