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Tongue Cancer Patient Stories

In order to extend patients’ life time, let them see the hope and love in life, we contribute to offering patients the most effective treatment and excellent service. Here we share with you the stories of our patients, their smile, words or thanks through all kinds of media. Go through their experiences to know how cancer survivals and their family fight and conquer cancer together.
> Tongue Cancer Patient Stories
VOO KEN YIN:Interventional Therapy Brings New Hope for the 8-Year Anti-cancer War
  • VOO KEN YIN:Interventional Therapy Brin...
  • VOO KEN YIN, diagnosed with tongue cancer 8 years ago, underwent 4 surgeries in Singapore. Unfortunately, it reoccurred later. Then, he underwent minimally invasive interventional therapy and radioacti...

    Yummy again for tongue patients with magic therapeutic effect of multidisciplinary comprehensive therapies
  • Yummy again for tongue patients with magi...
  • God created human in the Sixth, and granted us with organs to sense the circumstances, such as eyes to see, hands to touch, ears to hear, noses to smell and tongues to taste. If any one of these organs...