Cancer Prevention

Is Surgical Resection A Preferred Choice for Nasopharyngeal Cancer?

As 70% -80% of patients with nasopharyngeal cancer are already diagnosed as advanced stage, with cervical lymph node metastasis, while nose and pharynx are in special location, which make it difficult to carry out surgical treatment. Combination of TC

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30, 4, 7, 1-Digital Anti-cancer

as cancer becomes common disease, cancer prevention consciousness of people also becomes more and more intensive, so what methods are we have for cancer prevention?

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Five Tips to Help You Stay Away from Cancer

To take notice and build awareness of anticancer can help people to stay away or early detect cancer and then get early treatment.

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Male Should Mind Breast Cancer Too

would a man develop breast cancer? It sounds incredible to many people, but it does. Breast cancer not only attacks female, as well as male, especially the ones in an age around 50. Everyone can develop breast cancer as long as he or she has mammary tissues.

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Sexual life is possible to prevent ovarian cancer

according to researches, there is a kind of important antibiotic substance in semen, which named semen fibrinolysin and can kill staphylococcus, streptococcus and other pathogenic bacteria, while it can effectively prevent ovarian cancer from occurrence.

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