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You’re the Best Especially on International Doctor’s Day
Apr 13, 2017

March 30 is the International Doctor’s Day. Foreign patients in MCHG prepare gift for doctors and medical staff to express their heartfelt gratitude and blessings.

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New Technology, New Hope, Cancer Treatment Marching into An Era of 3D Printing
Mar 31, 2017

MCHG introduced 3D printing template assisted seed implantation. Compared with previous freehand puncturing, it technically and effectively avoided blind spots during the operation, thus, improve the accuracy and thoroug

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Former President of the Philippines and Current Mayor of Manila Highly Recognizes MCHG
Mar 29, 2017

On March 27, former President of the Philippines and current Mayor of Manila Joseph M. Estrada Ejercito spoke highly of St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou during the meeting with the manager of the Philippines

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A Broad Scale of Medical Consultation of Women’s Health Was Held in the Community of Guangyuan Village by the Party Bra
Mar 23, 2017

in the morning of March 23th 2013, a broad scale of medical consultation was held in Guangyuan villiage by Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, in order to response to the support programs for women proposed by Guangdong Pro

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A Milestone in Minimally Invasive Cancer Treatment of Asia
Mar 21, 2017

Last December 29, Prof. Zhang Fujun, the leading expert of minimally invasive treatment cancer treatment in China, joined in St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou as chief expert of minimally invasive cancer treat

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