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The Leadership and Specialists from Health Bureau of Tianhe District Inspected Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

  In the morning of January 7, 2013, Li Yingbin, section chief in Health Bureau of Tianhe District, and 4 specialists from Overseas Chinese Hospital and The People's Hospital of Tianhe District came to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for inspection. President Wang Huaizhong, vice president Chen Bin, Lin Shaohua, etc showed warm welcome to them.

  During the talks, Wang Huaizhong firstly expressed thanks and welcome to the leadership and specialists for their concern and support which has been given all these years. And then he introduced some basic information about Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou and the improvement of medical equipment, etc. Wang Huaizhong said it was a spur that private hospitals bring in Medical Administrative Checks and this hospital was gradually developed into a public welfare hospital in accordance with the requirements of the health authorities. In order to create a modern specialized hospital, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou was strictly abided the medical standards and continuously strengthened the management.

  After the inspection, the leadership and specialists appreciated and gave some recommendation to the demonstration of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou.

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

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