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International Communication: News Medias Interviewed with China Boai Group President Mr. Lin Zhicheng

  I always believe that there is no boundary in medicine, no matter what kinds of medical services shall be shared by the whole world. As chairman of the board of Boai group, I will try my best to carry anti-cancer career in Southeast Asia and even in the whole world to a new stage.

  ---Chairman of the board of China Boai Group: Mr. Lin Zhicheng

  Figure I, Lin Zhicheng, Chairman of the Board of China Boai Group is being interviewed by the media

  Figure II, group photo of Chairman of the Board of China Boai Group and journalist delegations from Indonesia, Vietnam, China

  Indonesian Kompas news paper, Vietnamese Central TV station, Vietnamese Youth news paper, Guangdong TV station interviewed president Lin in Shenzhen headquarter of China Boai Group-the 28th floor, president office, Fareast Building-during the period of 21st World Cancer Congress.

  Established in 1996, China Boai Group is a large scale modern group enterprise with dominated industry of medical investment, hospital management and clinical medical care, integrating advertisement, film and TV, networking and other related industries as a whole. The group's headquarter is Guangzhou. It owns about 17000 staff, about 111 medical institutions, distributing over 11 cities including Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanchang, Changsha, and Hangzhou, besides, it has overseas office in middle east, Indonesia, Vietnam and Hong Kong. Among them, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, Shenzhen Fareast Women and Children Hospital, Shanghai Yodak Cardio-Thoracic Hospital are its three aces, especially Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, which is highly praised for its application of mini-invasive therapies in cancer treatment.

  Guangdong TV station: in 2010, China Boai Group has invested another 3 high-end hospitals in Guangzhou, which makes the group even more qualified to be a listed company, do you have a time table for that?

  President Lin: yes, we do plan to be listed, not only one but plan to have 2 companies listed at the same time. Actually, we have already started the preparation at present, according to our time tablet, we aim to be listed in 2 years; we are confident in that. We believe a successful listing will accelerate our group's development; and of course, after the listing, we will put our focus on the development of high-end medicine.

  Vietnamese Central TV station: the 21st World Cancer Congress is held in China this time, does it indicate that China has already possessed an influential position in oncology across the world?

  President Lin: China has the largest population all over the world, and it has shown not only a rapid increase in economy but also an outstanding achievement in oncology in recent years. This is the first time that China has hosted this congress, I think this is a confirmation of China's achievements in cancer treatment from the international authorities, it fully demonstrated China's capacity.

  Indonesian Kompas news paper: as we know that Modern Hospital Guangzhou under your group is specializing in cancer treatment, could you summarize the hospital's achievements to us?

  President Lin: through the past years' effort, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has formed a treatment system integrated radiotherapy, chemotherapy, thermotherapy, biotherapy, interventional therapy, oncological mini-invasive therapies, genetic engineering, stem cell therapy with Chinese medicine. I believe the hospital's capacity is in a leading position not only in Asia but also in the whole world.

  We have an excellent oncologist team; Prof. Wu Peihong who has presented Oncological Mini-invasive Therapies and Imaging on the congress is visiting expert of Guangzhou Modern Cancer Hospital. Besides, Prof. Peng Xiaochi is another ace of the hospital; he is the first oncologist who proposed integrating Chinese medicine with western medicine together with mini-invasive targeted therapies.

  There is one example I want to mention here to support Prof. Peng's treatment concept. Before there was one lady who was wife of an important officer in a country of Southeast Asia visited us with the assessment made by Singapore doctors-the patient only could survive for 7 days. But we made it into over 4 years by applying Prof. Peng's treatment concept.

  Weeks ago, a famous architect with advanced liver cirrhosis had received the hospital's newest stem cell therapy, and has gained remarkable effect. At last, I'm honored to tell the fact that most patients of the hospital were recommended by their friends who had ever treated here, this in another aspect proves the hospital's capacity, only good treatment effect can generate good public praise; this is also the reason why Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou can develop so fast.

  Vietnamese Youth news paper: could you introduce the group's overseas strategies to us?

  President Lin: we put a lot of effort in our overseas oncology technique promotion, although we develop fast in Southeast Asia, we are still in the initial phase; our medium term planning is to set offices in the Philippines in 3 to 5 years, and invest 5 high-end hospitals oversea; we believe Southeast Asia has a numerous developing space. Our mission is to build the largest medical group, and offer the most satisfying services to patients. This mission requires us to devote ourselves to developing and researching the most suitable oncological techniques for Asian people, and apply the techniques in clinics to meet patients' needs.

  Vietnamese Central TV Station: could you say something about how to enhance the communication and cooperation between Southeast Asian countries?

  President Lin: the treatment level of Southeast Asian countries is obviously improved, but its development is still unbalanced; I think there still has a promoting space, especially on the aspects of introducing new treatment approaches and new facilities. In fact, we have already achieved agreement with hospitals in Indonesia and Vietnam on the aspects of communication and cooperation; we have planed to donate new facilities to those hospitals, and sent excellent doctors to those hospitals to give lectures, demonstrate operation; besides, we also invited doctors in those hospitals to China. I always believe that there is no boundary in medicine, no matter what kind of advanced medical services should be served for the whole world. As the chairman of China Boai Group, I will devote my whole life to promoting anti-cancer career in Southeast Asia.

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