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30, 4, 7, 1-Digital Anti-cancer

With the improvement of living standards, people are getting increasingly busy, so that health has been gradually ignored. Cancer prevention shall be started from daily life; hereby cancer experts of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou would like to introduce the digital anti-cancer methods to help people reduce the risk of suffering from cancer.

30 minutes of aerobic exercise

Cancer experts have made health analysis for more than 5000 women, and they found that the risk of ovary cancer, cervical cancer and vaginal cancer for these women who participate in sports is 60% lower than that of these women who don’t. Research shows that, over 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day can help to reduce the risk of cancer.

Home decoration shall pay attention to 4 less

(1) Less man-made plank: home decoration should use less man-made plank. This is because that the adhesives used by man-made plank contain formaldehyde which is a kind of carcinogenic substance.

(2) Less marble and granite: home decoration shall best use less marble, granite as these products contain the carcinogenic radon.

(3) Less oil paint: oil paint normally uses benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, toluene or other organic solution as diluents, which are harmful to human body and also can increase the risk of suffering from cancer of people. However water-based paint is much more environmentally protective and also recommended.

(4) Less disinfectant in the bathroom: some disinfectants contain dichlorobenzene, which would stimulate people's respiratory tracts and induce lung cancer and so on.

Sufficient 7 hours sleep

American Cancer Research Institute found that sleep can affect the hormone balance of human’s body; hormone imbalance can affect the risk of suffering from cancer; women who sleep less than 7 hours have 47% higher of suffering from cancer than those women who sufficient sleep and actively participate in exercise.

1 kg of fruits and vegetables each day

Cancer experts of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou recommend: people eat at least 400 grams -500 grams of vegetables or fruits each day can effectively play the role of cancer prevention.

Cancer experts of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou remind: cancer is not terrible; as long as establish cancer prevention awareness and pay more attention to daily life, we can reduce the risk of cancer and fight cancer.

*Surgery, in addition to the appropriate chemotherapy and radiotherapy, are effective in treating early cancer, but certain patients in late stage of cancer may not be tolerate surgery well as they can be relatively weak. A combination of carefully planned minimally invasive therapy, chemotherapy or radiotherapy can effectively reduce the side effects and discomfort of treatment and may help patient get better efficacy.

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