Cancer Prevention

Disposable Chopsticks and Lung Cancer

we can see disposable chopsticks almost in every restaurant and every people know using this kind of chopsticks is bad to environmental protection but they rarely know it is also closely related to lung cancer.

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New Methods for Prostate Cancer Prevention

Prostate cancer is a common malignant tumor in male reproductive system, which threats the health of middle-aged men greatly. However, there are some more new methods for prostate cancer prevention now.

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Swimming can Keep You Away from Prostate Cancer

In addition to weight loss, what other benefit can swimming do? Latest research showed that swimming can prevent prostate cancer.

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Quitting Smoking Plays an Important Role in Preventing Throat Cancer

long term smoking not only increases the incidence of lung cancer but also increases the risk of getting throat cancer. Therefore, quitting smoking is essential to prevent throat cancer. Other important measures may include drinking alcohol in moderation, preve

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Barren Women Are more Susceptible to Ovarian Cancer

In modern society, 'dink' has become the trend of young people, and the team of dink family is becoming stronger and stronger. However, experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou reminded that women who never give birth to a baby have a higher risk

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