Cancer Prevention

Sexual life is possible to prevent ovarian cancer

according to researches, there is a kind of important antibiotic substance in semen, which named semen fibrinolysin and can kill staphylococcus, streptococcus and other pathogenic bacteria, while it can effectively prevent ovarian cancer from occurrence.

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The human immune system is the best “anti-cancer drug"

studies have shown that the balance of the body's immune system is the main reason for the spontaneous regression of cancer, the results of these studies greatly inspired the confidence and courage of people fighting cancer.

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Keep seven things in mind to prevent stomach cancer

stomach cancer is one of the cancers with high incidences in the world. However, people’s understanding of stomach cancer prevention is still not enough. How to prevent stomach cancer in our daily life?

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10 life styles for cancer prevention

Study proves that about 77% of cancers are closely related to life style. Below is an introduction of 10 life styles that can help prevent cancers.

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Change Lifestyle to Guard against the Sneak Attack of Cancer

though etiology of cancer is still not very clear, the unhealthy eating habits, environmental pollution and viruses are very likely to cause cancer, so changing the lifestyle can help people prevent cancer.

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