Cancer Prevention

How to Stay Away from Prostate Cancer?

what makes the incidence of prostate cancer increase so obviously in past few years? Actually the prevention of prostate cancer is similar to other cancer prevention, healthy life style.

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What Do Vitamin Deficiency And Tumor Do About Each Other?

Vitamin is the microelement necessary to human body and plays an important role in health. According to scientists, there are 4 vitamins are related to cancer.

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Do You Know Drinking Suitable Things Can Also Play the Role of Anticancer?

for cancer, people should establish the awareness of prevention at an early stage, in daily life, drinking coffee, soy bean milk, or plenty of water or green tea can prevent and fight cancer.

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Untie breast and keep breast cancer away

Bra can bring to women health problems. Inappropriate or long-term bra wearing can cause breast disease, even breast cancer.

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Secondhand Smoke Is the “Culprit” Causing Lung Cancer in Women

In recent years, incidence rate of lung cancer in Women is gradually increasing, while the majority of those female patients are involved in passive smoking.

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