Cancer Prevention

10 Questions to Detect If One Has Lung Cancer Risk

Lung cancer, which occurs in the bronchial mucosal epithelium, is also called bronchial carcinoma.

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Be Careful of Colon Cancer, If You Prefer Much Meat and Less Activity

Many people know that rectum is the last part of intestine, but few people know about colon.

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Be Careful for Colon Cancer Pestering You

According to statistics, the colon cancer that was only developed in middle-aged and elder people has been “keeping an eye” on people around 30 years old furthermore.

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Three “3”s to prevent colon cancer

Unhealthy dietary and life habits, like rich and delicate food, lack of exercise, bring to people’s intestinal tract heavy burden of obstruction.

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Liver Health Is Closely Related to Sleep

Nowadays, people's living environments and lifestyles affect quality of sleep a lot, and there is research shows that sleep has a close relationship with liver health.

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