Cancer Prevention

8 Anti-Cancer Tactics Released by Experts

cancer has become the first killer of human being, but experts said that cancer is preventable through reasonable and scientific lifestyles.

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Why Vegetables Fight Cancer?

it is believed that take more vegetables and fruits help to fight cancer. But most people only know little about this. This article is going to introduce how vegetables fight cancer.

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What are the risk factors of bladder cancer?

below are five risk factors of bladder cancer, among which tobacco is the vital one. Therefore, we should cherish our life and stay away from tobacco.

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Foods of 4 Colors to Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer

studies have shown that the incidence of breast cancer is closely related to eating habits. The regimen of foods in the following 4 colors can also prevent breast cancer, so people can regularly take these foods in the daily life.

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Five fruits to prevent breast cancer

fruit contains many nutrients. Therefore, sufficient intake of fruit can supplement the necessary nutrient needed by human body and prevent diseases. Below is an introduction of some fruits that can prevent breast cancer.

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