Cancer Prevention

20 Anti-cancer Small Tactics in Life

cancer prevention shall be started from little things in life, because many times, small habits in living have hidden huge health crisis, and so it is hoped that some anti-cancer details in life can serve as a warning to everyone.

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Reducing “Radon” of Your House Enables to Prevent Cancer

specialist of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou reminds you that reducing “radon” of your house enables to prevent cancer.

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What Are the Risk Factors of Prostate Cancer?

Prostate cancer is the commonest male malignant tumor and its occurrence is related to age, race, heredity, sex hormone, food intake and other factors.

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Live a Healthy Life, Keep Away from Prostate Cancer

Study has proved that prostate cancer is closely related to life habit. Establishing a healthy life habit can keep us away from prostate cancer.

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Regular Digital Rectal Examination Can Detect Prostate Disease Timely

prostate is a male –specific and important sex organ. Experts advise male friends that regular digital rectal examination can detect prostate disease timely.

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