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Throat Cancer Self-test

to judge whether one has laryngeal cancer by some symptoms

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A hoarse voice of half more month is likely to be throat cancer

hoarse voice of more than half month, foreign body sensation, blood in expectoration or other symptoms are possibly the early signs of throat cancer.

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Smoking and Drinking Are Highly Risky Factors of Throat Cancer

smoking, drinking, air pollution, viral infections and other factors are the main factors for people suffering from throat cancer.

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Do Not Panic at the H7N9 Flu Strike

When H7N9 flu strikes, it will make great threat to the safety of people's lives. Then in our daily lives, how to identify and prevent H7N9 flu?

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Four Suggestions Protect You from Stomach Cancer

The fast-paced modern life brings constant burdens to people’s stomach and intestines while reasonable diet structure can effectively help you protect stomach from cancer.

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