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What is the International Remote Consultation Center?

With the help of advanced modern communications, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou broke the limitation of region, time and language, successfully built up an International Remote Consultation Center, which provides a face to face remote consultation platform for cancer patients and International authoritative oncologists both in America and China.

The establishment of the International Remote Consultation Center creates a new dimension for the internationalization of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. There is no need for cancer patients to go out, just staying at home, they can get international high level and high quality medical services as well as professional diagnosis and treatment recommendations from international authoritative oncologists.

Appointment and Audit

You can make an appointment by three means:

(1)Online appointment

(2)Email appointment:

[email protected]

(3)Telephone appointment: 86-20-2222-1111-3333

Our staff will conduct an audit.

Submit the latest medical report

After passing the audit, staff will ask you to send the latest medical report and confirm a time for consultation. Warm tips: Since the medical report is an important basis, please make sure the medical report is clear and correct.

Download FastMeeting

Please download and install FastMeeting on your computer or mobile devices in advance.

Get your account number and password

The day before consultation, our staff will contact you to reconfirm the time and send you the account number and password.

Preparation before the consultation

Please check your network signal before the remote consultation; please make sure that your device is in good network signal, so as to avoid the video frequency interrupt.

Joint consultation

Login into your Fastmeeting account and enter the consultation room, then you can have a face to face consultation with authoritative oncologists.

How to use FastMeeting?
  • 1. Download and install FastMeeting
  • 2. Login into the account with the given account number and password
  • 3. Open your headset and microphone, and get involved in the consultation
  • 4. Log out after the consultation is finished
    • The expert team in the Center
      Professor Peng Xiaochi
      Chief oncologist of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou PHD of University of British Columbia in Canada Member of Chinese Medical Association Member of the 21st Global Anticancer Meeting Researcher of the 7th International Academic Meeting of Tumor Minimally Invasive Therapy Member of Guangdong Anti-cancer Association Member of CSCO (Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology) Specialty Minimally invasive targeted therapy, chemotherapy,combined therapy of Chinese medicine and western medicine for solid malignant tumor Price: 1000RMB Free for a limited time.
    • The expert team in the Center
      Vice Director Wu Qingkai
      Expert of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou overseas branch Wu Qingkai used to work as the president of Huai Bin Country People Hospital Specialty Wu Qingkai is good at the comprehensive treatment of lung cancer, esophagus cancer, liver cancer, cervical cancer and other cancer types. He has rich clinical experience in treating middle or advanced cancer with the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine Price: 1000RMB Free for a limited time.
    • The expert team in the Center
      Director Dai Wenyan
      Director of the endemic area of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou Young member of Minimally Invasive Treatment Committee of Chinese Anticancer Association Specialty She is specialized in minimally invasive therapy (including cryotherapy, microwave ablation, particle knife etc.), chemotherapy, targeted therapy, comprehensive treatment and individualized treatment for breast cancer, lung cancer, gastrointestinal tumor, gynecologic tumor, tumors in brain and neck etc Price: 1000RMB Free for a limited time.
    • The expert team in the Center
      Ma Xiaoying
      Director of the endemic area of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou Deputy Chief Doctor Specialty She is accomplished in chemotherapy, molecular targeted therapy, natural therapy etc for cancer, and familiar with various minimally invasive therapies, such as interventional therapy, cryotherapy, microwave ablation etc Price: 800RMB Free for a limited time.
    • The expert team in the Center
      Director Kou Yanhui
      Director of the endemic area of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou Specialty Kou Yanhui has been engaged in clinical practice for 16 years, she is good at the comprehensive treatment of various kinds of malignant tumor, such as liver cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer. Price: 800RMB Free for a limited time.
      New technology helps them get a new life
      Name: Indahwati Jutiami
      Disease: breast cancer
      Treatment technology: natural therapy
      Name: HATTA
      Disease: colorectal cancer
      Treatment technology: interventional therapy and natural therapy
      Disease: liver cancer
      Treatment technology: interventional therapy, cryotherapy and natural therapy
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