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How to Take Diets to Easily Conditioning Postoperative Colon Cancer Symptoms?

  The surgery is still the main treatment for colon cancer, and most of postoperative patients would have anemia and weak physical quality, even accompanied by symptoms of gastrointestinal dysfunction. Cancer experts of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou pointed out: when the above-mentioned symptoms appear, patients can conditioning them through diet methods.

Colon Cancer

  1. Egg & banana& milk

  Recipe: 2 eggs, 2 ripe bananas (weighing about 250g), 200 ml of fresh milk, 30 grams of honey.

  Method: first peel bananas, and cut them into small segments; boil fresh milk slowly in the pot until boiling and turn off the heater, and then pour evenly whipped egg batter to mix with the milk and wait for cooling off; put the egg &milk batter and then banana segments with honey into household pokers machine to agitate together into sauce.

  Usage: 2 times a day respectively in the morning and in the evening.

  Efficacy: mainly treats colon cancer patients with postoperative weak body, dry bowel movement, etc.

  2. Fresh milk dew

  Recipe: fried walnuts as well as raw walnuts for 50 grams each, 50 grams of rice, 250 ml of fresh milk, sugar.

  Method: First soak rice into the water for 1 hour and then pound them finely ground; then mash fried walnuts and raw walnut finely; mix the finely ground rice with walnuts, and add water to stir; after that, use gauze to filter out white juice and fine puree for spare use; then boil milk, and add the white sauce into the milk to stir, add sugar, and boil them for a moment.

  Usage: 2-3 times a day and suitable for long term take as well.

  Efficacy: mainly treats the colon cancer patients with constipation and physical weak body after surgery or chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

  3.Two- bean thick soup

  Recipe: white bean: 100 grams, fresh peas: 250 grams.

  Method: first peel and wash clean fresh peas; then wash clean white beans and put them into the casserole, and pour enough water soaking for a moment and then boil with the fire until get boiled, and then switch to boil on low heat for 1 hour until the white beans are cooked rotten, pour the peas and continue to cook over low heat for 30 minutes, and finally add wet starch blending into the soup to serve.

  Usage: 2 times respectively in the morning and in the evening, or taken as a snack for multiple times; upon your own needs, brown sugar is permissible for mixing and stirring with it before being taken.

  Efficacy: mainly treats colon cancer patients with postoperative physical weakness or deficiency of vitamin B, etc.

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