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Diet Care for Postoperative Gallbladder Cancer Patients

  The characteristic of gallbladder cancer cells is endless and limitless growth, which would consume great nutrition of body while they will release multiple toxins to cause series of symptoms. Besides, cancer cells may spread to other parts of body causing emaciation of patients. The gallbladder cancer patients, especially the ones after operation, have to ensure the intake of nutrition to keep nutrition balance and improve the physical condition and immunity of body.

Gallbladder cancer, diets for gallbladder cancer patients

  Patients of gallbladder cancer after treatment should note that:

      1. Choose the foods that are easy for digestion. Reduce the intake of fat and cholesterol and avoid taking fat, fried food and internal organs of animals after surgery for some days. Stay away from alcohol, cigarettes, spicy and irritated food to prevent from calculus of bile duct and effects on liver functions. The family can use some olive oil in cooking to increase the taste of food. The patients after surgery normally develop the symptoms of indigestion for about half a year. But bile duct will extend to partially replace some functions of gallbladder as time goes, so that the indigestion symptoms can be relived gradually. The patients then can return to normal diets step by step.2. Increase the foods that are rich in protein to meet the needs of body metabolism, for example, lean meat, marine food products and bean products are good. 3. More fresh vegetables and fruits which contain much dietary fiber and vitamin. 4. The foods that are against gallbladder and bile duct cancer, such as shark fin, buckwheat, semen coicis, Toufu and hericium erinaceus. 5. The food can fight infection and cancer, like green beans, rape, cedrela sinensis, welsh-onion stalk, bitter melon, carp,shrimp, loach, jellyfish and saury. 6. The foods can normalize the secretion and discharge of bile, which include fig, walnut, sesame and holothurians. 7. Patients of poor appetite can have waxberry, yam, radish and hito. 8. Get the habit of having diets regularly and in small amount for times to fit the physiological change after surgery.

      Patients should return for follow-up in hospital regularly, so once any discomfort found can have treatment right away. It is important to take some medicine of cholagogic and anti-inflammatory under doctor’s instruction, as well as vitamin B, C and K, as these help to protect liver and bleeding.

  Specialists from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou remind that gallbladder cancer patients can follow above dietary points to have proper foods to increase immunity and improve physical condition.

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