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Leukemia patients can enjoy food too

  Experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou indicated that due to hypermetabolism and decline of immunity, leukemia patients should eat foods that are digestible and rich in calorie, protein and fiber, so as to supplement the consumption of the calorie and all sorts of nutrients of their body.

leukemia, diet for leukemia patients

  1. High protein

  Leukemia is caused by the pathological change of blood cells. The protein consumption of leukemia patients is much larger than that of normal people. Therefore, only with sufficient supplement of good-quality protein, can the function of patient’s organs be well preserved. Protein can protect human body from being attacked by bacteria and viruses and improve their immunity. Therefore, diet for leukemia patients should contain rich protein, especially plant and soy bean protein that is digestible and easy to absorb, such as tofu, dried soya cream and soybean milk, etc. so as to supplement the patient’s need for protein.

  Protein in human body has the function of balancing the acid and base. If the human body is lack of protein, the balance will be broken down and the light alkaline environment of human body will be turned into acidic, and then result in all kinds of endogenous diseases, including cancers.

  2. Take in more foods rich in vitamin

  Clinical materials have proved that about 70% - 90% malignant cancers to some degree are caused by patients’ lack of vitamins. Medical science study indicates that abundant intake of vegetable and fruits that contain rich vitamin C can prevent formation and diffusion of cancer cells and strengthen the resistibility and immunity of human body. Therefore, it can help control and treat cancers. Foods rich in vitamin C include rape, tomato, white levin, orange and lemon, etc.

  Vitamin A can stimulate human body’s immunity, motivate the organism’s activity of cancer resistance and prevent the invasion of virus. Foods containing rich vitamin A include carrot, pumpkin and spinach levin, etc.

  3. Increase the intake of foods rich in iron

  Anemia is the main symptom of leukemia. Therefore, it is recommended for patients to eat more foods rich in iron, such as peas, black beans and black fungus, etc.

  4. Eat less at one meal but more times per day, and take in foods that is digestible

  During the treatment procedure, leukemia patient usually have symptoms like nausea, vomiting, abdominal bloating and diarrhea, etc. Patients should eat less at one meal but more times per day, or supplement some snack food, which is rich in calorie and nutrient, such as cake, chocolate and bread, etc. When untoward reaction of digestive system occurs, patients should eat more alkaline foods to reduce the discomfort of digestive tract.

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