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Taking Appropriate Diet to Improve the Condition of Gastric Cancer Patient

  It is a difficult test to gastric cancer patient that there are many delicious foods in our daily life. Because some foods eaten by normal people should be less eaten or even forbidden to gastric cancer patient. But for porridge which is very nutritious food, it can be always eaten by patient to prompt gastrointestinal conditioning. Oncologists from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou will introduce some appropriative porridge to gastric cancer patient following.

gastric cancer, diet for gastric cancer patient

  1、Fallopia multiflora porridge

  Meterials: fallopia multiflora 50g, Chinese jujube 20 pieces and rice 100g

  Procedure: remove nucleus from Chinese jujube and clean the jujubes; decoct fallopia multiflora and take gravy; put rice and jujubes into fallopia multiflora juice and finally cook into porridge. Take one bowl every morning and evening.

  2、Fructus mume porridge

  Materials: fructus mume 20g, rice 100g and sugar

  Procedure: decoct fructus mume and take gravy, put rice in the fructus mume juice and cook into porridge. At last, put some sugar into porridge and cook for a little while. Take one bowl every day, having the hemostatic function.

  3、Coix seed porridge

  Materials: coix seed 20g, rice or glutinous rice 30g and a half spoon sugar

  Procedure: wash coix seed and rice and put them into a pot with 2 big bowls water, and then cook half hour with medium fire. Once a day; it can eat with adding sugar or with garden sauce. Postoperative gastric patient can reduce the rate of recurrence by constant eating with coix seed porridge.

  4、 Sesame porridge

  Materials: sesame 6g, rice 30g and some honey

  Procedure: fry sesame, cook the rice into porridge, add the fried sesame before porridge cooked and at last add some honey. Take one bowl every day, having the effect of enriching the blood and lubricating the intestines.

  Oncologists of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou reminded, when cooking the porridge, do remember add some edible alkali which can neutralize gastric acid since gastric cancer patient may secrete more gastric acid. Moreover, edible alkali can enable the active ingredient of rice to take effect to make porridge sticky. Additionally, don’t add too much Chinese jujubes, which 5-6 pieces once will be fine, to avoid epigastric fullness that may worsen patient’s condition.

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