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Nasopharyngeal Cancer Patients’ Diet

Expert from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou reminds nasopharyngeal cancer patients that diet which is easy to be ignored plays an important role important role in treatment. A health and correct diet can improve treatment effect.

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1. Nasopharyngeal cancer patients should not eat processed food, such as smoked fish, smoked meat, fried bacon etc, because these foods contain nitrite which is a well-known cancerogenic substance worsening patients’ condition.

2. Nasopharyngeal cancer patients should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits which contain abundant vitamin A, C, E etc. According to recent studies, vitamins have antioxidant effect to eliminate free radicals and inhibit formation of nitrosamine and cancer cells, and improve immunity. Fresh vegetables and fruits, like spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, blueberry, orange, apple, grapes etc, can help patients improve treatment effect.

3. It is recommended that nasopharyngeal cancer patients should eat foods that contain high protein in moderation, such as chicken, fish, pork, eggs, beans, etc. Enough protein can not only make patient recover quickly after treatment, but also improve immunity to fight against cancer.

Nasopharyngeal cancer harms human health seriously. NPC patients must pay attention to daily diet, and avoid eat some foods that aggravates state of illness; additionally eat more healthy and nutritious food to improve treatment effect.

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