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How to Turn Unbearable Cancer Pain into Pain Free?

  Pain is one of the common symptoms for cancer patients, especially patients with middle and advanced stage of cancers, which not only brings physical torture and also make patient develop anxiety, irritability, depression and hopelessness, while the bad mood further aggravates the pain, forming a vicious circle. To let cancer patients survive with pain free has been being a target that medical study strives for. For many cancer patients, as long as they can do as the following, to achieve pain free is easier.

  1. Early Detection and Early Treatment

  Cancer pain are mostly caused by tumor growth or metastasis which directly invades or compresses sensory nerve of the surrounding tissues, therefore, to avoid cancer pain, the best way is to early detect and treat cancers, nipping it in the bud. Secondly, for those who still can't be diagnosed early or it is already in middle and advanced stage when found, the treatment for the cancer itself cannot be abandoned.

  2 .Using medicine to relieve pain is mainly applicable to the cancer patients whose cancer cannot be treated or who still feel pain after treatment.

  3. Using Psychological Therapy to Relieve Patients' Mental Burden:

  A research show that social discrimination, relatives’ disgust, psychological loneliness and other bad mood will make the pain worse while care, comfort and patient’s own optimism will help break the vicious circle, relieve pain. Therefore, besides patient’s families, friends and others should create a relaxed, warm atmosphere, the cancer patients themselves should also try to overcome loneliness, despair and other negative emotions, and actively participate in various community activities, do something in their power, because participation and dedication may help resolve physical pain.

  4. Combined Administration

  According to patient’s condition, painkiller from different level can be combined to use (attention should be paid to that medicine in the same are generally not combined to apply), or painkiller can combine with auxiliary medicine that can enhance the analgesic action of the painkiller. A research shows that, the appropriate combined administration can significantly enhance the analgesic effect, retarding the upgrade time of painkiller.

  5. Other Indications:

  (1) Medicine such as morphine, fentanyl has significant effect of dilating the cerebral vascular, so generally patients with intracranial tumor are forbidden to use these medicine.

  (2) Long-term use of dihydroetorphine hydrochloride tablets can lead to significant psychological and physical dependence, so this cannot be used for regular treatment of cancer pain.

  (3) Opioid drugs can be used, instead of worry about drug addiction.

  (4) Slow release formulation with less side effect, convenient for using, and long action time should be choosed.

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