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How to Perform Health Preserving in Autumn for Tumor Patients?

  In autumn, the weather is dry,so tumor patients need to pay more attention to body regulation and improve the quality of life. Health preserving is also particular and important, so what exactly can be done to achieve good health care in autumn? Let us take a look at the following tips:

  First, regulate diet. Meals in autumn shall adhere to the basic principle of nourishing yin and moisturizing the lung. For elder people with weak stomach, porridge can be eaten in the morning to nourish stomach, such as lilies lotus porridge, tremella rock sugar glutinous rice porridge, apricot bulbus fritilariae rice porridge, black sesame porridge and so on.

  Second, get up or go to bed early. Going to bed early is helpful for accumulating yin-energy; get up early for easing yang-energy. Modern research shows that autumn is appropriate for early getting up to reduce the chance of thrombosis. Lying a few minutes more before getting up to stretch and move the body, is also important for the prevention of thrombosis.

  Third, build up the strength. The autumn weather is getting cold, but the clothes cannot be put on too much; intentionally let the body withstand some cold air for exercise, which is also an important method to enhance the body’s adaptive ability to the cold winter climate.

  Fourth, prevent disease. As the weather gets cold and this brings peak incidence of stroke and myocardial infarction, so it easily leads to sudden death. People suffering from chronic bronchitis, emphysema and pulmonary heart disease, are also very sensitive to climate change, and can easily face the situation of recurrence or disease progression.

  Fifth, prevent dryness of autumn. In autumn, the climate becomes dry, thus skin moisture would experience faster evaporation. This could easily lead to dry skin, wrinkles, throat dryness pain, constipation, etc., therefore dryness prevention in autumn is the important principle of health care: keep indoor humidity to certain extend; pay attention to supplementing water for the body; avoid overwork or strenuous exercise.

  Sixth, carefully eat fruits. Large amount of melon and fruits in summer may not necessarily lead to stomach disorders, but still could decrease resistance of stomach, so if still eat a large amount of fresh fruits, it would definitely increase dampness and destroy spleen yang. During the autumn, people especially those with spleen deficiency should eat less fruits.

  Seventh, timely intake some tonics. A treatment principle of traditional Chinese medicine is to supplement tonics to weak people, while people without symptoms of weak body shall not take medical tonics. Meanwhile, the amount of tonics shall also been vitally considered; it is prohibited to use drugs to instead foods, while dietary supplement is encouraged. Dietary supplement in autumn mainly focuses on nourishing Yin and moistening dryness, such as silky fowl, pig’s lung, tortoise meat, cubilose, white fungus, honey, sesame, walnut, lotus root, pear, etc.

  Eighth, take more soups. The air is dry in autumn, so it is more favorable to make the tonics into soups. Ordinary people are more appropriate for dietary supplement, so cook fresh cabbage, radish, lotus root, fish or meat into soup, such as peanut chicken feet soup, lotus root beef soup, etc. it is also advisable to take some cold fruits with diuretic antipyretic effect, such as apple, snow pear, etc., so that people can supplement a large variety of vitamins and trace elements. It is not allowed to take much gas-containing beverages, instead, the drinks made by sterculia with rock sugar or white chrysanthemums with honey is recommended to supplement water for the body and for health management as well.

  In brief, in autumn tumor patients must adhere to balanced diets, taking more soups to enhance physical strength and prevent dryness, and even disease deterioration or recurrence caused by improper care.

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