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Home Cares for Gastric Cancer Patients

  Home cares are very important to gastric cancer patients. Patients should take related treatments benefit for the rehabilitation according to their own condition. The followings are some simple home care knowledge for gastric cancer patients from experts of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou.

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  Home care knowledge for gastric cancer patients

  A comfortable, quiet, sanitary, safety environment should be provided for the patients. Family members of the patients should understand that cancer is not infectious, so there is no need to isolate the patients. Environment is essentially important to gastric cancer patients in family nursing process, a good environment will be conducive to the rehabilitation of patients.

  Family and friends should have a positive mental state and show patients a good attitude firstly, because their mental state will affect the patient's psychology greatly.

  Efforts should be made to cultivate patients maintain a regular and normal life. Proper rest is essential, but stay in bed too long may also lead to loss of appetite, lassitude, relaxant muscles and weakness. Which thereby reducing the resistance of the organism and impacting upon the rehabilitation of the disease.

  Family nursing staffs should also try to master the basic knowledge and skills of nursing, and maintain close contacts with the hospital medical professionals to promote the treatment effects of the disease and eventually make patients engaging back in appropriate work and participating in social activities.

  Arrange the patient a reasonable diet. Diet is the most important project of home cares for gastric cancer patients. Patients should have a designed, reasonable and scientific diet base on their individual condition.

  Besides, as the leading role in family nursing process, patients should be helped to create a relaxed, positive and strong psychological world, which will make them feel warm and released when dealing with pain. Making a mental environment that’s benefit to the patient’s emotional stability and mental balance is not only a necessary part of family nursing steps, but also a therapy to the patients.

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