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Change Lifestyle to Guard against the Sneak Attack of Cancer

  Etiology of cancer is still a global hard nut to crack, while there are clear predisposing factors for cancer, which can be attributed to the internal and external causes. External factors are environmental pollution, chronic stimulation of fungi and viruses, frequent contact with radioactive substances. Internal causes are related to immune function and genetic factors.

  According to related statistics, 80 % of all cancers are caused by unhealthy lifestyles and environment, of which 30% of cancers are related to smoking and 35% of cancers are related to unhealthy eating habits.

  Change Unhealthy Eating Habits

  People who like eating high-salt, too hot foods, eating too fast and like squatting down to eat are susceptible to develop esophageal cancer. High salt, smoked, grilled and fried foods are likely to cause stomach cancer. High-fat and high-calorie diet is likely to cause breast cancer. Eating a diet high in fat and low in fiber for a long time may induce colon cancer.

  Change of eating habits is to prevent cancer enters through the mouth, such as do not eat moldy and charred food, eating little smoked grilled, fried and preserved food, eat less salt, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, control fat intake, eat meals on time, these are beneficial to the prevention of cancer.

  Individualized Screening Depending on Different Age and Sex

  People with long term of unhealthy habits, especially those are over 40 and people with tumors should preferably do a cancer screening every year. At present, relatively explicit cancer screening can detect breast cancer, colon cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer and so on, in recent years CT scans of lung is often used in the screening for lung cancer.

  1. As for breast cancer, women over 20 should begin to know early manifestations of breast cancer. Women aged 20-39 years should do a clinical examination every 3 years, while women over 40 should be better to do a mammography every year.

  2. The best way to prevent cervical cancer is to get a normal cervical cytology every year or a liquid based cytology every 2 years, which should begin after 3 years of the first sexual life.

  3. Men over 50 years old should pay attention to prevent prostate cancer and we suggest they should regularly do a rectal examination and prostate-specific antibody test.

  4. As for high-risk population of lung cancer who smoke for a long time, we recommend that patients should seek doctor's advice to do individualized examinations of early lung cancer.

  Specialists from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou remind: develop healthy lifestyle and eating habits and do regular physical examination can help people stay away from cancer or detect cancer early.

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