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Knowing Six Risk factors Help You Stay Away from Liver Cancer Threat

  Liver cancer is one of the common malignant tumors, common in middle-aged men. Because of high malignancy and quick progression, usually there is no obvious discomfort in early stage, but most patients have already reached to middle or advanced stage when they go to hospital for treatment. Medical experts put a lot of effort to study the causes of liver cancer, and they believe that it is the best to do well prevention work to reduce the incidence of liver cancer from its source. In the following, experts of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou would like to introduce the six risky factors and teach you to stay away from liver cancer threat.

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  1.Water pollution: pollution of drinking water is one of the important factors that induce liver cancer. The highest degree of contamination goes to ditch water, followed by river water, well water lowest. Drinking water hygiene is closely related to our health, so prevention of liver cancer has firstly required us to stay far away from the contaminated water.

  2.Viral hepatitis: it mainly refers to hepatitis B and hepatitis C virus infection, especially for hepatitis B patients or hepatitis B virus carriers, they would face 2 to 100 times higher of risk of liver cancer compared with normal people, so the viral hepatitis carriers should undergo regularly check to prevent the occurrence of liver cancer.

  3.Aflatoxin: aflatoxin B is the most common carcinogens. As aspergillus flavus easily grow and reproduce in the cirmustance with high temperature, high humidity, especially with the moldy foods in summer that can be easily contaminated to produce aflatoxin, and long-term eating these foods can induce liver cancer.

  4.Chemical carcinogens: chemical substances that can trigger liver cancer are mainly the N-nitroso compounds, such as nitrosamines and NITROSAMIDES. In addition, pesticides, alcohol, sassafras, etc may also be the causes of liver cancer.

  5.Immune status: the plasma of patients with liver cancer contains a closed factor which can inhibit cellular immunity and protect liver cancer cells from being killed by immune cells. Studies have demonstrated that alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) can inhibit phagocytosis of lymphocyte and macrophage. Therefore, it is crucial to increase patients’ immunity, which in turns enhances the prevention of liver cancer.

  6.Other factors: excess nutrients (macronutrients) or nutritional deficiencies (such as vitamins A, B1 deficiency), hemochromatosis, parasitic infections and genetic risk factors are risky factors that can induce liver cancer.

  Experts of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou advice: If your physical body has symptoms of diseases, you must not delay diagnosis; instead you should go to regular hospital, so as not to delay treatment as it may result in serious consequences.

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