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20 Anti-cancer Small Tactics in Life

  Cancer always seems to be very hard to guard against for people, and experts of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou point out that, in fact, as long as you scientifically arrange your living and diets, cancer can be avoided. Recently, “Prevention" magazine of the United States has combed the medical literature for listing up the 20 anti-cancer tactics.

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  vitamin D can reduce the incidence of many types of cancers, including lymphoma, breast cancer, colon cancer and so on, but ultraviolet is required for vitamin D to play its anticancer power, so it is best to receive 10-15 minutes sunbathe daily.

  Eating a orange daily

  vitamin C in oranges will help to kill the helicobacter pylori which may cause gastric cancer.

  Eating red fruits

  The lycopene riched in watermelon, tomatoes and grapes is a well-known anti-cancer compound, especially for the heated tomato, lycopene is more easily absorbed by the body.

  Eating more steamed cauliflower

  Steam cauliflower 3 to 4 minutes so that the anti-cancer hero sulforaphane would play the role ultimately, but be careful not to use microwave, otherwise you would get half the result with twice the effort. It is suggested to mix some selenium-rich sunflower seeds, nuts or mushrooms for consumption, the effect will be better.

  Drinking decaffeinated coffee

  Two cups a day can achieve a 52% reduction in the incidence of rectal cancer.

  More bananas

  Sweden researchers found that if women eat 4-6 bananas every week, the risk of kidney cancer will be reduced by 54 %.

  Eating garlic

  Alliinase contained in garlic has anti-cancer effects. Cut garlic and expose it in the air for 10 minutes, the alliinase would play the role more significantly.

  Enriching the calcium daily

  3 cups of 200 ml of skim milk a day, plus 200 ml yogurt, can inhibit the growth of colon polyps, and prevent colon cancer at the same time.

  Scientifically preparing barbecue

  Meat are easy to produce carcinogenic heterocyclic amines, therefore, the temperature shall never be too high when barbecue, or first use microwave to heat the meat for a while before barbecue, so that shorten the time of barbecue and reduce heterocyclic amines content.

  Not to eat sausages

  Study found that eating a sausage every day would make a 67% increase in the risk of pancreatic cancer; therefore, people should try not to eat processed meat every day.

  Staying away from white bread

  Regularly eating white bread or other fine finishing foods would make glycemic index rise in the body and promote the secretion of insulin and “insulin-like growth factor“ and increase the risk of cancer. Therefore, we should eat whole wheat or whole grain foods.

  Reducing weight

  Many types of cancers like breast cancer, pancreatic cancer and so on are associated with obesity.

  Exercise for half an hour a day and at least five days a week

  Exercise can effectively regulate hormone levels in the body, thus prevent ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, etc.

  Quitting smoking

  As cigarettes pass through mouth, throat, esophagus, and this would bury down the risk of canceration. Not only that, it also increases the risk of cancer occurred to stomach, liver, prostate, intestinal tract, uterus, breast, etc.

  Doing housework

  Researchers of a Canada research institute found that doing housework is very beneficial for the prevention of cancer, if postmenopausal women do housework regularly, the risk of breast cancer would be reduced by 30 %.

  Beware of the Radon

  Such tasteless radioactive gas is the second leading cause of U.S. lung cancer, so air detection must be performed after decoration.

  Annual colonoscopy for people over 50 years old

  People shall not lower the guard even when the latest blood and urine checks are both ok; if there is a history of familial colon cancer, regular check should be given before the age of 50.

  More detailed breast scan

  Combining mammography with ultrasound can capture clues of the breast cancer. Study of California University found that the doctors with 25 years of experience or more would be more competent.

  Genetic testing

  If there is family history of cancer, it is better to go to the hospital to do genetic testing for early detection of cancer hazards and for taking preventive measures if necessary.

  Note the changes in the skin surface

  Check each other of the surface of the body on a regular basis with a spouse or friend, including the back, scalp and other parts that are difficult to notice. If there is color or size change happed to mole, birthmark or freckles, it may indicate forewarning of skin cancer. In addition, people should go to see dermatologist annually after tuning into 40 years old.

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