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Live a Healthy Life, Keep Away from Prostate Cancer

  Prostate cancer is a common malignant cancer among males, which brings very vital influence to patient’s health and life. Among all cancers that cause death to males, it is the second most life-threatening cancer after lung cancer. Study has proved that prostate cancer is closely related to life habit. Therefore, establishing a healthy life habit can help us prevent prostate cancer.

prostate cancer, prostate cancer prevention

  Keep relaxed

  Clinical trials have proved that living stress can increase prostate cancer incidence while keeping relaxed can relieve the symptoms. Therefore, we should try to keep relaxed in our daily life.

  Take warm bath

  Warm bath can relieve tension of muscle and prostate. Taking warm hip-bath for 1-2 times daily can get very good effect.

  Do more exercises

  Sports exercise, especially outdoor exercise can not only relax our physical body, but also delight our mental status. Proper sports exercise can strengthen human organism immunity and improve the local blood circulation of prostate. It is suggested to do exercise 6 times per week and 30 minutes per time.

  Give up smoking and drinking

  Smoking and drinking are the main factors of cancers. Therefore, to get rid of prostate cancer, we must keep away from smoking and drinking.

  Control weight

  According to research, compared to people with normal weight, the prostate cancer incidence of obese males is one time higher. Therefore, we should keep a proper weight and avoid overweight.

  Drink more water

  Metabolism will slow down when the body is lack of water. When the urethra is not flushed normally, urinary tract infection is easy to happen, thus, the incidence of prostate cancer is raised. Therefore, males are suggested to drink more water so as to excrete harmful substances timely and prevent bacteria from stimulating the prostate.

  Avoid sitting still

  Sitting for a short time is not harmful to human body. However, sitting still for a long time can easily affect the health of prostate, because it can cause local congestion of prostate and result in accumulation of metabolite in the prostate, which easily leads to prostate diseases.

  Regular examination

  Experts suggest that males above age 50 should go to hospital for rectal examination and PSA (prostate specific antigen) test every year. For those who have family history, these examination should be started earlier from age 40.

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