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What Are the Risk Factors of Prostate Cancer?

  Peculiar to males, prostate is an important organ in male urinary system and reproductive system. However, prostate cancer is a common and frequently occurring disease among males, which seriously affects the physical and spiritual health of males or even endangers their lives. Specialists from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou now tell you what the risk factors of prostate cancer are.

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  Absolute Risk Factors


  Age is the main risk factor of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer rarely occurs to males under 45, but its incidence rises sharply as the age goes up. The majority of prostate cancer patients are over 65 years old.

  Family History

  If one has direct relative suffering from prostate cancer, his risk of prostate cancer will obviously rise.

  Compared with common males, the prostate cancer incidence of those who have one direct relative suffering from prostate cancer is twice higher, while that of those who have two relatives suffering from prostate cancer is three times higher.


  African Americans, also called American black people, bear the highest incidence of prostate cancer followed by Spanish and American white people. But African black people have the lowest incidence of prostate cancer in the world.

  Abnormal Pathological Changes in Prostate Cells

  If a man has advanced prostate intraepithelial neoplasia, his incidence of prostate cancer will obviously rise.

  Relative Risk Factors


  According to some researches, males who usually take in high animal fatty food are also susceptible to prostate cancer. It’s because this kind of food contains considerable saturated fatty acid. Research results from 32 countries show that prostate cancer mortality is relative to total amount of fat intake and that people who usually take in diet with rich vegetable and fruits bear a relatively low incidence of prostate cancer.

  Androgen Level

  High androgen in the body is another possible cause of prostate cancer, which can improve the growth of prostate cancer.

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