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Swimming can Keep You Away from Prostate Cancer

  Swimming for half hour every day can help to defend prostate cancer, indicated by a research conducted by American scientists who made follow up to more than 47 thousand men for 14 years.

  In this research, volunteers joined in different intensity exercises such as swimming, cycling, gymnastics, etc. Result showed if man can swim 30 minutes every day, the risk of getting prostate cancer will be greatly reduced. Meanwhile the rate will be 30% higher than the former if man joined in relatively large intensity exercises including cycling and gymnastics. That is because strenuous exercise can cause congestion or edema of prostate which may lead to prostate cancer.

  According to the scientists, swimming can improve immunity, promote prostate local blood and lymphatic circulation and make more vigorous secretion of prostatic fluid, thus contributing to prostate inflammation subsided.

  Moreover, swimming can lead better absorption of drugs to prostate cancer patients, improving drugs effect. It also brings benefits to ease the symptoms such as neurological disorders and neurasthenia, etc.

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