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Barren Women Are more Susceptible to Ovarian Cancer

  Nowadays, many young people give up to raise a child and become a "dink" family in order to enjoy the freedom life. However, not giving birth to kids is not a good thing to women. Experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou remind that infertility may increase women's risk of getting cancers, particularly ovarian cancer and breast cancer.

 ovarian cancer, breast cancer

  Why infertility will increase the chances of suffering from ovarian cancer?

  Despite there are 100,000 primordial follicles in women’s ovaries, only 400-500 of which can grow mature and discharged in a woman’s whole life. In other words, a woman's ovulation period is about 30 to 40 years. With the arrival of menopause, women step into old age, which means that the body's immune system would drop dramatically.

  Experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou say that pregnancy can reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer in childbearing age women. Because during the pregnancy and lactation, women's ovaries stop ovulating, which make the ovaries rest so delay the menopause.

  For barren women, infertility will cause increasing risks of cancer. Because women who don’t give birth to children do ovulation every month, and the ovulation will cause some damages, which needs several months or even years to be replaced or repaired. While during the process of producing new cells, it is likely to mutate, or even become cancerous. This greatly improves the incidence of ovarian cancer.

  Experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou remind that barren women are at a higher risk of getting ovarian cancer than those who have children. In order to prevent ovarian cancer, women who have no kids should proceed from the following aspects:

  To take regular annual physical examinations such as gynecological examinations and type B ultrasound examination to detect ovarian problems if you are more than 30 years old. To find ovarian diseases timely, take early treatments, prevent ovarian cysts or other related lesions develop into ovarian cancer. In addition, if there are any symptoms like abdominal pain, belly bloating and vaginal bleeding, one should go to hospital for treatments promptly.

  To develop a good habit and healthy diet: it is recommended that women should eat more high protein food, and foods that are high in fiber A, C, E to avoid high cholesterol level. Meanwhile, tonic should be proper, especially estrogen -rich tonic should not be over.

  Besides, women should enhance physical activities. Because this can not only make them relaxed, but also enhance the body's resistance, reducing the incidence of diseases.

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