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New Hope For Breast Cancer Patients to Keep Their Breasts and Control the Cancer

Breast cancer is a cancer that threatens every woman. And its victims stand a great pressure to make a choice between breasts and life. However, traditional surgery can only save one by removing the breast infected. Thus unprecedented despair and fear hang over every breast cancer patient.

As more scientific researchers comprehended that treatment should not be the only purpose in study, instead, the improvement of patient life quality and reduction of harm to patients are what study should strive for. Presently interventional therapy and cryotherapy are applied clinically to keep the breast and control the cancer. They break the traditional treatment methods to stop cancer and lingering effects from destroying the normal life of patients, which greatly increase the confidence and living hope of patients to fight again cancers.

Breast Cancer Patient story

Breast cancer

Ms. Wu undoubtedly was unfortunate but a lucky breast cancer patient. She not only kept her breast, but also successfully controlled her cancer. Below is her story.

Ms. Wu is a 48 years old lady from Indonesia who had a happy family before. But unintentionally an egg-size mass in her right breast was found on Apr. 2011, which was hard but without pain. Ms. Wu did not take it lightly that she went to local hospital for examination and surprisingly was found of dutal cancer of right breast. Isn’t it breast cancer? Why it’s me? I don’t smoke or take alcohol, I even live in a good habit, how come it is me? Am I dying? Doctor suggested her to remove the right breast by surgery when all those questions were bothering her. “Without a breast am I a woman? That is too miserable to live without breast.” Ms. Wu refused the surgery without thinking. The doctor cannot help but performed expectant treatment by massage of her feet with Chinese medicine. One month later, her right breast swelled because of external injure. She continued this treatment and the mass did not present any change.

Ms. Wu was diagnosed infiltrating dutal cancer of stageⅡ through the exams on admission after a long journey to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou on Jul.2011. She fully expressed her desire to keep her breast that specialist team in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou customized a comprehensive treatment plan, interventional therapy+Ar-He cryotherapy which are widely applied in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou.

Ar-He cryotherapy can destroy tumor completely without causing cancer cells spread and harming normal organ tissues. Besides as a minimally invasive treatment, it features nice cure effect, fast recovery, short hospitalization and non toxic side effects and so on. Patients being treated by this therapy would improve obviously on their body immunity and life span efficiently is prolonged.

Interventional therapy features small skin trauma, beautiful appearance, fast recovery, satisfied cure effect, small effect on normal organs. The combination of Ar-He cryotherapy and interventional therapy gained nice cure effect on Ms. Wu, which presented as physical functions recovered gradually while the bad post-operative reactions like fever, bone pain and so on did not occur in treatments. She was with high spirit, good appetite and sleep every day. The happy smile appears on her face again for she doesn’t have to worry about her breast cancer, but lives like a normal people.

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