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Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou- A Hospital with Love and Kindness

  GUYEN THI TUYET, who is from Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam found multiple uterus myomas in her body when she did the physical examination and among which, the biggest tumor was 64*66*65mm. After receiving the medical report, GUYEN was shocked and could not face the truth. With her husband’s accompany, GUYEN went to another hospital for biopsy and CT scan, hoping for a positive diagnose. However, GUYEN was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 3 at last. The local doctor suggested her take treatment immediately but GUYEN refused.

  GUYEN learned about the traditional cancer treatment has strong side effects and the therapy is not able to be designed individually. In order to receive a better treatment, GUYEN and her husband came to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. After taking the body examination and consulting with the experts, GUYEN took the combined minimally invasive treatments of three times of interventional therapy and one cryotherapy.

  During her hospitalization, GUYEN and her husband felt the superior medical service and advanced technology from Modern Cancer Hospital. To express their thanks to the hospital staffs and to wish the love and kindness they received from the hospital can go beyond the border and pass to more patients with cancer, they wrote a poem as follows:


  New atmosphere felt while I arrived;

  Every nursing worker is full of kindness;

  They knocked my door

  Inquired my condition

  If I needed nursing care

  They arranged it so fast;

  If I asked for help

  The only need was to press the bell

  The nurse came in one second;

  Nothing is permanent

  Only the peaceful mind;

  Kindness was always in their heart

  And they never hid their smile;

  Kindness can remove the doubt

  Kindness can make love stronger..

  Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

  Everywhere are legends

  And a lot patients come from all over the world;

  Modern Hospital

  An excellent hospital even the visitors say so

  Perfect hospital

  Right choice was made

  I would leave without regret;

  Excellent treatment

  To stay here is like on vacation

  Everything is beyond expectation;

  Free to stay

  Come in and go out without any prohibition;

  Indeed a superb hospital even

  With counseling psychology;

  Triumph over disease real fast

cervical cancer, cervical cancer treatment

cervical cancer, cervical cancer treatment

  Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

  Never had I been to Guangzhou

  Never had I known until I came;

  With full hair I came

  With bald head I left;

  I had short stay for treatment here

  Less than a month;

  No worry about my bald head, relatives;

  The door to the heart has been open

  So has the disease gone when I left.


  Love crosses the space

  Friendship goes beyond borders;

  We greeted each other when first met

  Flower of Love blossomed;

  One smile

  Ten times better than a dose of medicine;

  Everyone was joyful when met

  And wish each other healthy;

  Negative attitude is no good to your health, my friend

  Stay positive to fight the disease;

  Love is multiplied here;

  My new friend

  Open your heart

  Talk and smile

  Pain will no longer with you.

cervical cancer, cervical cancer treatment

cervical cancer, cervical cancer treatment


  Cancer patients in late stage

  Health conditions cannot be good;

  Excellent effects with only one-month treatment

  No waste of money;

  Symptoms were lessened

  Patients felt better;

  Better health

  Easy walking;

  No numb hands

  No shaking legs

  What would be bothering you?

  Hospital’s reputation runs everywhere

  A right choice we have made.


  Happily I left the hospital

  JHopefully I will not come back again;

  Several times I came and gone

  A lot of money has been spent

  And even hard to pay for the travelling again;

  I pray

  Please do not get worse or metastases

  I Pray

  For the total recovery;

  It is fine

  Money spent was worthy;

  My disease was cured;

  My heart is joyful

  Happily Friends and relatives came to congratulate me

  While I come home

cervical cancer, cervical cancer treatment

cervical cancer, cervical cancer treatment

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