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Integrated Minimally Invasive Therapy Save me from Surgery

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 “Trusting doctors here, believing in their technology, taking treatment positively but not wasting time on wandering back and forth in different hospitals, that's the key point of fighting against cancer”, said Tjhai Soe Dji, when she was sharing her anti-cancer experience during the interview.

 According to Tjhai Soe Dji's attending doctor, the tumor in her body has been completely disappeared now. She will be discharged home a few days later, then line up with regular follow –ups will be ok. As Tjhai Soe Dji's fervent wish is to travel round the world, having a great time with her husband in tourism will be her next intent after leaving the hospital.

  However, Tjhai Soe Dji never thought that she could have the chance 6 years ago. In June, 2009, Tjhai went to hospital for check due to severe abdominal pain, while the diagnosis “Stage 4 Cervical Cancer” made her and her family in great desperation. “My sister and my husband cried so sad at that time, as we all know this is an incurable disease and what I have to face soon might be death”, Tjhai recalled her story with carry-over of fear. Though hopeless, all the family members tried hard to seek for the best treatment. Fear of surgery and the possible risk, Tjhai refused the suggestions of local doctors who adviced to visit Singapore or Malaysia for treatment. By chance, Tjhai's husband read a piece of news from newspaper about Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, where integrated minimally invasive therapy is applied. “With the therapy, I don't have to undergo surgery, and fewer side effects & small wounds will be seen. So we decided to fly for Guangzhou without hesitation.” Tjhai told us the reason why she chose this hospital.

  The choice seemed to be hasty, but the treatment in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou never disappointed them.

  Dec. 17, 2009 was the first day when the Tjhai's visit Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. “My condition was so bad when we arrived here. I can eat nothing at all. Even only a few steps would take all my strength away. I needed to rely on a wheelchair.” states Tjhai. From 2009 till now, Tjhai has constantly visited the hospital for treatment and follow up examinations. After receiving interventional therapy, natural therapy, combination of western medicine & traditional Chinese medicine etc., her condition recovered well. Multiple follow-up inspections show no signs of recurrence and metastasis, and the tumor in the body has completely disappeared so far.

  Though looked relaxed when talking about the treatment process, we know that Tjhai's treatment wasn't so smoothly in the beginning. Her condition even went worse after her first treatment. We asked why she still insisted on the treatment regardless of the poor responses, and her answer shook us. “Because I trust in the doctors here, and I believe in their technology. I know the side effects and poor responses are commonly seen during the treatment. I would rather stay in one hospital for treatment in peace than wandering in and out between different hospitals. The doctors and nurses here are very nice. They have good treatments and services. I am recovering well, too.” With a strong sense of trust for the hospital and services, Tjhai always keep a positive and peaceful attitude . She even transfers optimism to those patients who are tortured and fighting against cancer around her.

  “Keep a positive mind, follow doctors' advice, believe in yourself and take treatment actively”, this is what Tjhai always say to other patients. Tjhai will be discharged a few days later. Wish such an optimistic lady a better wonderful life in future .

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