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Interventional Therapy Breaks the Life Spell of Only Two Month for a Lung Cancer Patient

Maya predicted that after the dusk of Dec. 21, 2012 comes, the dawn of Dec. 22 would never appear. This is the end of world to us, however, to Mr.Zheng, his end of world falls in advance.

Zheng was 52 years old. Knowing his age, most people would image that his grand children are always around him. But the truth turned out cough, short of breath and expectoration attacked him on 2007 when he convinced himself that should be the reason of age, because there always are some problems developing in the old. He did not take it to heart and thought that cough is normal because he liked smoking and drinking. However, hoarse voice, difficulty in swallow and a mass in left neck developed on Aug. The mass on neck increased while accompanied by white expectoration in cough, sometimes there was even blood clots till Nov. It worried Zheng that he went to local hospital for examination quickly and found of undifferentiated metastatic cancer. Doctor suggested him to admit for treatments. The symptoms like hoarse voice and cough improved after treatments. But other symptoms had developed from Nov. 13 on, like lose of weight, chest distress after activities, obvious short of breath. The doctor told him his time was only 2 months left.

This cooperative old man in treatments and his family did not expect such a shock that Zheng only has a life span of two months. His family did not give up after getting this disastrous news, especially the older brother of Zheng, who inquired all around for treatments, and finally got to know Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. He convinced Zheng to take the treatment in Guangzhou.

Zheng was suffering from severe edema of both lower extremities and cannot walk on arriving at Guangzhou, meanwhile edema started to develop in his hands and Zheng could not lie down but sit instead. To be more terrible was that difficult breath occurred. Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou sent special car to pick him up in the airport. The dietitian adjusted the diets for weak Zheng after admission. Biopsy of mediastinal tumor on Dec. 14 was performed by specialist and indicated non-small cell cancer (lung cancer), late stage. Cancer specialist decided to apply interventional treatment to him after consultation of Zheng’s age, physical status and disease.

Cancer specialist Dr.Peng from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou introduced, being different from the traditional surgery which would bring patients great trauma and easily cause infection, interventional therapy is performed under guidance of DSA to perfuse anti-tumor medicine in the regions where tumors are, at the same time to block the blood vessels of tumors. Dr. Peng said the concentration of medicine administrated through local perfusion would be 2-8 times higher than intravenous drip, while the embolus carrying anti-tumor medicine would block the vessels supplying tumors nutrition, so as to attack the tumor from all sides to starve tumors. This local treatment not only can gain the effect of killing tumor, but also features small trauma, less complication and less pain to patients.

Zheng who had deeply experienced the pain from chemotherapy, finally accepted this treatment through doctor’s explanation and persuasion. There was absence of symptoms like fierce vomit, severe hair-off and persistent fever during his treatments. Zheng before had to take low-flow oxygen for six hours a day, now improves after three-month treatments, besides his breath returns normal, he even doesn’t cough any more, lying down is no longer a problem for him and he can walk as a normal people freely.

Mr. Zheng recently returned to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for follow-up. He happily talked to his attending doctor that he has quitted smoking, his mental statue is good, sleep and appetite are normal, what is more, he gains weight of totally 5 kg. It is unusually lucky to him to be alive now thinking he was sentenced only two months left by doctor half year ago, though there is little cough remaining.

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