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Cryotherapy and Lung Cancer

lung cancer, cryotherapy, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

If you have just been diagnosed with lung cancer, this can serve as a guide to answering the many questions that may be running in your head right now. Many feel vulnerable at the beginning because the mental and emotional adjustment to a diagnosis can take time. At this period, it is most important that you learn everything you can about your condition and available treatment options.

What is cancer? Cancer means that cells are growing out of control and have the ability to travel to all parts of the human body. For you, that process has started in the lungs. Many factors influence the severity of symptoms, such as tumor location and how far it has progressed.

What are the treatments available? Currently, the traditional treatments available for lung cancer are surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. However, with the advancement in the medical technologies, minimally invasive treatments are now available to help treat lung cancer.

What is Minimally Invasive treatment? In a research paper (Daniels, Sutedja, 2013), it was mentioned that radical treatments, such as surgical resection or radiotherapy, might not be in the best interest of these patients with small endobronchial lesions thus the minimally invasive approach is more recommended. Among these is the cryotherapy. The cryotherapy uses the expansion of a pressurized gas that cools the metal tip of a flexible probe, to freeze tissues. It causes cell death by repetitive fast freezing and slow thawing. Tissues with high water content are especially sensitive to cryotherapy while poorly vascuralized tissues such as cartilage and connective tissue are cryoresistant, which is an advantage when treating endobronchial lesions. Physicians generally use image-guidance techniques such as ultrasound, computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance (MR) to help guide the cryoprobes to treatment sites located inside the body. Cryotherapy is less traumatic than open surgery since only a small incision is needed to pass the probe through the skin, which limits damage to healthy tissue. A patient usually can resume activities of daily living 24 hours after the procedure, if not sooner.

Here at Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, our doctors specializes in Minimally Invasive treatments of cancer utilizing the combination of the western and eastern medicine to provide patients holistic treatment.

What can you do? Cancer, by its very nature, is an individual condition and lung cancer is no exception. Your treatment plan may be different from other lung cancer patients as there are many factors to consider. However, you must not lose hope because our doctors are here to help. If you have been diagnosed with Lung Cancer and would like to know about the best treatment option for you, you may call us at 822-1222/09228083333 or visit our website at www.asiancancer.com.